As an organization, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc’s. founders are long in experience.

Its president and chief executive officer, Jennifer S. Ligones, is a distinguished figure in the Philippine software industry, having been the country manager of SAP Philippines for many years, leading it to new heights of productivity and profitability.

Our partners are global players, namely BackOffice Associates, a worldwide leader in data migration and data governance solutions,, the world’s largest Cloud Computing Provider, Consus one of the leading consulting firms in the spend management space, and CPM Consulting a multi-awarded EPM implementor across the globe.

As further testimony of its expertise in the field, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. is currently working on a variety of projects for corporations belonging to the country’s top 20.

Mission & Vision

Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. aims to be a globally recognized business partner in  providing best in class services and solutions.

Our Mission is to provide proven premium solutions designed to rapidly transform businesses into innovative, competitive and revenue earning organizations.

To achieve our goal, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc.’s strategy is three-pronged.


We will continue to forge alliances with leading global solution providers such as BackOffice Associates, Salesforce, Consus and CPM Consulting.

We will develop an effective service infrastructure staffed by Subject Matter Experts, Industry Experts, and Technical Consultants to support our customers.

We will continue to execute every project with Excellence.


Every organization needs a strong foundation for their success. It is for this reason that Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. offers solutions designed to help transform your organization into an innovative, cost-effective, and revenue-earning operation.

Our service portfolio focuses on specific key drivers of the business by partnering with proven market leaders. We recognize that technology is just an enabler, but expertise and industry experience are critical to any project’s success.  Here are areas where we deliver maximum benefit to the business with our vision and mission in mind. 

Zero business disruption with Best-practice Data Governance
With the large volume of data that corporations need to process every single day, it is essential for all organizations to ensure that the quality of data does not disrupt critical business operations. Third Pillar ensures a repeatable and scalable data governance solution by providing best-practice methodology and platform that enable the maintenance and monitoring of data quality on a daily and operational basis.
Risk-free and on-time Data Migration
Transferring data from one platform to another can be a tedious, high-risk and time-consuming process. Third Pillar’s software solutions backed by an excellent support system ensure that data migration is carried out successfully, on time, and risk-free. We have been executing projects on large ERP migrations for big companies in the Philippines and we are instrumental to the success of deploying their mission-critical applications on time and on budget.
Boost Sales by leveraging on Cloud Technology
Third Pillar partners with the no. 1 Cloud Computing company to enable Philippine organizations to leverage on technology to boost their sales because of the ability to quickly deploy business applications that connect you to what is happening on the ground – your sales teams, your customers, and your partners in just one technology platform and database. No more need to connect from one system to another, leave it all on the cloud.
Reduced Costs with market-leading platform and service
Third Pillar combines a market-leading procurement platform with a globally-proven service provider in Asia Pacific to guarantee a substantial savings for companies in the Philippines leading to a positive impact to the bottom-line. A key strategy is to be agnostic to technology and geography and just focus on the business-driven result that is guaranteed in the contract for our local customers. Easy to understand, and easy to decide.
Accurate Reporting on Budget and Financial consolidation
The success of a financial budgeting or consolidation project is highly dependent on the quality of the implementation team. Integrating both business and technical experts, Third Pillar provides multi-awarded EPM consultants with successful projects in Asia Pacific to their credentials. Tapping their technical, domain, and business expertise to a rare breed of specialized consultants guarantees success on your investment to deliver accurate, reliable, and fast reporting on your budget and consolidation.