Advances Liquidation

Advances Liquidation

Avoid manual encoding errors and mismatched advances with Automation Hero. This solution enables faster processing of advances liquidation–all without learning complex coding and programing.

Pain Points Addressed

Things that slow down business processes

Liquidation receipts & other documents support take different forms and formats, resulting to manual encoding inefficiencies and errors.

Mismatched advances versus liquidation receipts result to additional man hours and delays in releasing reimbursements or creating billing / recommending payroll deduction.


Valuable assets to increase ROI
  • Faster processing of receipts/invoices (75% ave. savings VS manual) 
  • Intelligent AI models capture document layout & fields
  • End-to-end processing including data validation & approval workflows
  • No-code integration with HR systems, eForms, databases
  • HITL: Exceptions handling with machine-learning capabilities

The Platform

Automation Hero goes beyond traditional automation by bringing together several components of process automation into an agile, end-to-end platform that rapidly automates work. 

The Third Pillar Difference​

We combine innovative solutions from tried and tested providers with our sincere, collaborative approach.

This ensures that we understand and adjust to your unique needs, leading to successful business transformation and growth.

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