CITEM: The Country's Export and Promotion Agency​

About the Customer

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) is an agency under the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry that focuses on export promotions. They had to onboard sellers through automation and end-to-end streamlined processes.

Business Challenges

  • CRM to manage different sets of contacts – traders and customers
  • Ability to craft personalized communications at scale both for customers and traders


Marketing Expertise through Content Plan Strategy, a targeted content plan based on the RACE Framework and six pillars of digital Marketing success

  • Create Single-View of the Customer with Omni-Channel Dashboard for the agent
  • Create Intelligent Email Templates curated for traders and customers with specific Customer Journeys
  • Access to Real Time Dynamic Reports and Dashboards
  • Tracking of SLA and Performance

Omni-Channel Dashboard

Real-time Reports

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The Results

Third Pillar’s Marketing Cloud implementation made CITEM:

  • Manage its social media accounts and personal email engagements efficiently without sacrificing quality.
  • Facilitate quicker and better-organized back-end approval procedures for marketing materials, reducing long campaign wait times.

Improved Campaign Communications at Scale for both Traders and Customers (SMS, email)

Increase TAT in viewing and responding to customer concerns

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