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Do you need help with data governance?

Answer this short quiz to find out. 

Do you agree with the following statements?

We never question the accuracy of data on management reports.
We have a single, 360-degree view of our client and stakeholder information.
Our data is adequately protected from external threats.
Our data has internal rights restrictions.
We have clearly-defined executive responsibility for the quality of our company data.

If you answered "yes" or "don't know" to at least two statements, then you may need a data governance solution. Submit the form for a FREE consultation with our data governance experts. 


Data integrity is necessary for digital transformation. When data cannot be trusted, then a company's investment in information technology systems cannot be maximized. 

We are a proud partner of the global leader in data migration and data governance solutions, BackOffice Associates. which addresses data challenges for companies across all industries, sizes, and project complexities. Its capabilities include monitoring data quality, executing complex migration and governance initiatives, and enhancing ERP data quality without business-process interruptions.


99% to 100% Business-Ready™ data every day is achievable with BackOffice Associates.



This is a turn-key data migration service that follows best-practice methodology to migrate data from one system to another. This guarantees business-ready data prior to system roll-out. 


Quickly establish the state of your data across all systems, enterprise-wise. This assessment typically lasts two weeks.  


For production systems that are already operational, we provide a one-time data clean-up services and the implementation of a technology platform that continuously monitors and prevents bad data from getting into your backbone ERP on an ongoing basis. Data will always be error-free.