Finance Automation

Finance Automation

With Finance Automation, you’ll be able to deliver improved operations, with faster turnover rates and the added benefit of reducing human error. Combined with OCR technology, businesses can easily capture, extract data and identify information, contextually sort, organize and deliver information where they need it. 


Hyperautomation allows you to make decisions faster because you don’t have to manually encode. In certain situations, you can create easy-to-manage workflows instead of complex and confusing workflows just to complete mundane and clerical tasks.

70% Return of Investment

Over 70% ROI due to elimination of manual labor on very mundane and clerical tasks and workflows.

Perform Value-Added Tasks

Empower Finance teams to perform value-added tasks: management reporting and decision-support analysis

Finance Automation Solutions

Reduce the burden of mundane and clerical tasks with intelligent workflows

Payable & Payment Processing

Accounts Payable

AP departments can take advantage of the speed and reliability of an intelligent workflow, to process invoices, payments and advances.

Advances Liquidation

Accounts Payable

This solution enables faster processing of advances liquidation–all without learning complex coding and programing.

Cashier accountability and POS Integration


With this solution, your treasury department will experience automated data extraction and validation from various sources.

Credit & Collection Assurance

Accounts Receivable

Experience faster processing of official receipts (ORs) and use AI models to capture document layout and fields.

Bank Reconciliation


With its no-code features, you can streamline the population of import templates and experience automated data extraction.

The Platform

Automation Hero goes beyond traditional automation by bringing together several components of process automation into an agile, end-to-end platform that rapidly automates work. 

The Third Pillar Difference​

We combine innovative solutions from tried and tested providers with our sincere, collaborative approach.

This ensures that we understand and adjust to your unique needs, leading to successful business transformation and growth.

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