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The aviation and airline market is changing. New technologies and business models are catching up, thus changing how aviation companies operate. The landscape is different now. You can either adapt or fall behind.

Old approaches done on legacy systems are not enough. Third Pillar guides you toward success by introducing best-in-class solutions and strategic planning on your business processes and systems.

Do these problems seem familiar?

  • Impersonal and poor customer experiences and journeys, thus losing out to competition
  • Rising customer and passenger expectations for high-quality and cost-efficient services
  • Ineffective communication between the employee and customer, as well as airline staff
  • Lack of features from running old systems and processes
  • Unproductive workforce due to manual and arduous operations for the organization and customer services
  • Inability to comply with stricter policies and regulations
  • Zero cross-platform support to align with the varying platforms and devices used by customers

World-class Aviation Solutions with Significant Advantages

In partnership with companies and enterprises, we restructure outdated patient experience and integrate our recommendations through strategy consulting and technology implementation.

Our collaborative approach and innovative and customizable technology provide numerous benefits for drug product-related operations. These include clinical trial management, healthcare sales generation, patient engagement portals, legacy systems migration, e-prescriptions, EMR and PMS integrations, and industry-specific training.

Improved Cost Control for All Operations

Every department in the aviation industry incurs substantial costs, including material, labor, and operations management. Through our innovative technologies, you gain an in-depth analysis of all situations and conditions prior to making decisions.

In addition, our software gives you a bird’s eye view of the various sectors, allowing you to recognize and resolve issues before they get worse. We offer dynamic software that is compatible with various platforms and devices for better visibility and easier management.

Process Automation

Third Pillar helps you eliminate the irrelevant steps and drive efficiency and business growth. Our intelligent solutions automate processes and functions including cost control, maintenance, operations, and customer service. With better control and management, the aviation industry is equipped to ensure their fleet and inventory levels are on optimal conditions. In addition, our software is compatible with mobile devices so you have easy access anytime and anywhere.

Better Data Management and Security​

For the aviation sector, sensitive and confidential data need robust systems to remain secure. Our software ensures that your data is protected at all times. From managing user permissions, performing maintenance, and detecting threats, you can rest assured that your data security measures are reliable and strong. With proper security and management, you offer better customer service and make informed decisions from high-quality data.

Rewarding Customer Experience​

In the airline sector, a personalized and differentiated customer travel experience is essential to stay afloat in the changing market. With our software, you can utilize data-driven e-commerce strategies and social media engagements to catch the interest of prospective customers and gain loyal clients. Supported by actionable analytics and efficiency backend operational systems, you obtain happy, satisfied, and loyal customers, along with year-over-year profit margin growth.

Solutions and Technology​

Smart software, cloud computing, AI, automation, and data analytics empower all aspects of the aviation industry. Airline companies leverage these technologies to provide a new and improved airline experience that is personal and efficient at every touchpoint.

Airline Customer Experience Icon

Airline Customer Experience

Gain innovative frameworks for engaging and personalized passenger journeys.

Operation Management Icon

Operations Management

Utilize AI-driven computing and interconnectivity to achieve operational excellence.

Maintenance Icon


Equip mechanics with full, AI-based information to improve productivity and efficiency.

Issue Resolution Icon

Issue Resolution

Intuitive system in proactively closing issues and trouble tickets from review, escalation, and resolution. ​

Case and Activity Monitoring Icon

Case and Activity Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of customer cases thus expedites time to resolution for issues and negative situations. ​

Marketing Strategies Icon

Marketing Strategies

Development and execution of targeted marketing campaigns to high-value clients to improve the profitability and effectiveness of campaigns.

Cloud Infrastructure Icon

Analytics and Data Mining

Leverage the power of data that supports various airline business areas through the management and implementation of data warehouses.

Artificial Intelligence Icon

Artificial Intelligence

Enhance airline operations through information and insights from AI-based software.

Internet of Things (IoT) Icon

Internet of Things (IoT)

Implement seamless operations through interconnected systems and devices.

Cloud Infrastructure Icon


Access and take advantage of data and solutions anytime and anywhere.

Acceleration Framework

Acceleration Frameworks and Solutions

Migrate from legacy solutions to novel software and systems to drive business growth

Business Intelligence

Passenger Service Systems (PSS)

Develop, test, and implement the latest PSS systems for better customer service and experience.Develop, test, and implement the latest PSS systems for better customer service and experience.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration

Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration

Modernize outdated and existing business processes in providing services.

CRM application

Application Development and Maintenance

Create and deploy sophisticated applications for various airline functions in the mobile and web.

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