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Lately, the financial industry is catching up with the innovation and digital transformation essential in their field. At Third Pillar, our deep understanding of the finance space enables us to give robust and customized solutions to companies in banking, insurance, wealth management, and financial technology.

The industry needs to change. Here’s the value our service delivers:

  • Mitigation of business risks
  • Provision of satisfying and rich customer experiences
  • Implementation of fully automated processes
  • Forecasting and prevention of fraud
  • Deployment of robust security measures and safeguards
  • Collection and analysis of information from Big Data
  • Strict adherence to established policies and regulations
  • Introduction of value-added services
  • Seamless integration with third-party services

Third Pillar is Your Trusted Financial Services Solutions Provider

Our novel solutions unlock hidden sources of income for the financial services industry. Through our data management and CRM software, along with our knowledge and expertise, we drive innovation and growth in the financial sector. By partnering with us, you’ll upgrade your ability to provide comprehensive and effective financial services. Our team of experts takes a holistic approach in bringing innovation and rich end-to-end experience to its customers. They provide advanced and improved architecture, service management, and customer experience in a best-in-class financial technology ecosystem.

Third Pillar is equipped to serve the following financial service companies:


Investment and Commercial Banks

Mortgage Banks

Wealth Management Firms

Loan and Credit Services

Brokers and Exchanges

Insurance Companies

Payment Processors

Financial Data Vendors

FinTech Companies

Our Digital Transformation Services​

We collaborate with our clients in accessing and leveraging new technology to address emerging customer needs, hastening time to launch products, gaining high-quality data and insights, and improving security. From various financial institutions, banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies, we help them rise above their competitors in terms of technology.

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

Through custom APIs, you don’t need to worry about incompatibility with your existing or future solutions.

Process Automation

Process Automation

To improve efficiency, we eliminate manual processes and replace them with automated ones, as well as implement automated communication tools for users.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

By implementing visualization dashboards and forecasting features, financial service providers can analyze information easily and make informed decisions.

Risk Management

Risk Management

We ensure you make correct business decisions with our technologies, thereby reducing your financial and regulatory compliance risks.



In the finance industry, security is paramount. We guarantee you are secured from all angles by implementing secure authorization, data encryption, secure authorization, and distributed ledgers.

Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel Experience

We develop digital interfaces that are engaging and user-friendly to customers to allow easy usage of your mobile apps and web applications.

Digital Infrastructure

We reduce downtimes and infrastructure costs by building and moving your financial solutions to a virtual cloud environment while maintaining all functionalities.

Legacy Apps Migration

Your existing databases and apps are migrated to the cloud. This is carefully done as the sensitive and critical information and features are kept on-premise or in secure warehouses.

Real-time Analytics and Forecasting

We gather and transform financial data into insights from analytics and reporting systems. This ensures that your business decisions and strategies are backed up by high-quality and relevant data.

Research & Development

In partnership with financial service providers, we also devise and support proofs-of-concept for their innovative ideas from initial conceptualization until launch.

User Experience and User Interface

Our digital solutions are created with effective user flow and engagement in mind. Your users easily interact with your product and receive satisfying user experiences.

Distributed Ledger Technology

We establish more robust security and transparency for loan management and payment processing systems through blockchain technology.

Microservices Architecture

Customer needs and trends can change quickly. We make our software flexible to respond to these changes with little delays or effort.

Enterprise Reporting Solutions

You’ll easily track and monitor the performance of the whole organization through hierarchical report systems that can measure organizational, managerial, and producer-level performance against key business objectives.

Finance CRM

Keep your customers happy and engaged with CRM software. You can give them personalized approaches, data integration services, and marketing solutions to effectively acquire and retain customers.

Technology Behind Third Pillar

From small startups to large enterprises, we are their technology partner in leading them into the digital era. When you work with us, we offer you a team of experienced financial service professionals, project managers, data scientists, UX and UI designers, DevOps specialists, and full-stack developers. Our team is capable of establishing your digital foundation in the industry through the following tools and technologies:


Big Data & Analytics

AI & Machine Learning

Cloud & DevOps

Business Intelligence

Distributed Ledger Technology

Robotic Process Automation

Strategic Data Storage

Microservices Architecture

Financial Technology and Research & Development Professionals

Third Pillar financial sector professionals share their industry knowledge with your company. This ensures that our innovative technology is appropriately integrated at the back-end systems of your established financial institution. Their expertise equips you with proven engineering processes for consumer-oriented services.

We’ll upgrade your legacy systems and discover the hidden potential in your data with the quality and speed that FinTech is known for.

Besides our 360° customer view, we are capable of providing leading asset managers, InsurTech providers, and global investment and commercial banks with strong security and controls to adhere to strict policies and regulations.

Our customers trust us in directing change and reducing risks because our commitment to exceptional service. To do this, we research and assess technical feasibility, market exposure, and scalability, as well as work to improve internal processes.

Bring new life to financial services.

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