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Bringing a Collaborative Approach to Solutions Implementation

There are unique and difficult challenges in the healthcare industry. These can hinder you from keeping the patient and customer experience pleasant to complying with regulatory requirements. You can resolve this by deploying specifically customized solutions and robust systems that can help facilitate drug development from early discovery to mass production and supply chain management.

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Value Added by Third Pillar

Third Pillar delivers a human-centered approach in transforming healthcare enterprises and businesses to the new era. Our top-notch and customizable solutions boost operational efficiency, improve customer relationships, expedite drug development cycles, collect real-time insights on sales and customer data, enhance control and security compliance, and provide excellent patient outcomes.

Data Management & Analytics

Clinical Trial Management & Pharmacovigilance

Healthcare Sales & Marketing Operations

Full-perspective Patient Journey

Advantages of Digital Solutions for Healthcare

In partnership with companies and enterprises, we restructure outdated patient experience and integrate our recommendations through strategy consulting and technology implementation. Our collaborative approach and innovative and customizable technology provide numerous benefits for drug product-related operations. These include clinical trial management, healthcare sales generation, patient engagement portals, legacy systems migration, e-prescriptions, EMR and PMS integrations, and industry-specific training.

Software Dev

Software Development and Health

Offering end-to-end software development and support services, our technology is accessible to clients across web, mobile, and hybrid platforms.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics Systems

Strategic planning and decision making rely on relevant and valuable information and data. Our solutions allow you to make informed decisions based on facts and insights. enable informed decisions. You’ll make informed business investments in distributing your assets and resources, as well as product designs and analysis of sales and marketing initiatives.

Quality Checking

Quality Checking and Assurance

Poor quality software is prone to issues and problems. To counter this, we perform functional, regression, performance, configuration, usability, and migration testing, as well as database and load testing, and security and compatibility testing.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices Integration

Our solutions work seamlessly with medical devices and wearables that calculate and collect patient information. This way you can check and monitor their information in real-time to stay on top of their needs.

Healthcare CRM

The entire patient care lifecycle is managed efficiently with better engagement and business processes. CRM software in healthcare helps you provide customers with excellent service from first contact to registration, sales, healthcare delivery, and patient retention.

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Healthcare CRM

The patient care experience is vastly improved by novel CRM solutions tailored to the healthcare industry. From first contact, healthcare delivery, and up to patient discharge, the lifecycle is enhanced and taken care of.

Pharma CRM

Pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to the ever-changing market that demands a richer customer experience. This is where Pharma CRM software comes along to effectively handle drug discovery and clinical trial processes. The solution ensures that productivity remains high as you monitor investments and comply with policies and regulations.
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