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As an essential part of human society, healthcare must evolve and adapt to the demand of individuals and provide more advanced service. A solution to this is to integrate a fully customized healthcare CRM system that provides medical professionals with the capability to process large amounts of information and cultivate positive and long-lasting relationships with their patients. Moreover, these novel technologies and streamlined processes would lead to reduced expenses, robust services, and meaningful customer relationships.

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Healthcare CRM Solutions

Third Pillar is experienced in offering consultations and best in class solutions to various industries, including healthcare. Our team delivers powerful Salesforce CRM solutions that improve our customer’s businesses. Medical facilities that integrate Salesforce CRM into their healthcare system increase the efficiency of their processes, create better patient experiences, and develop more effective care strategies through real-time data.

Create an strong advantage with CRM

Our skilled and qualified professionals help develop, maintain, and support a novel healthcare customer relationship management system. We work and communicate with you to understand your company and its requirements as a whole. This way we can adjust and configure the software to give you exactly what you need.

With a proper setup, CRM will allow your healthcare organization to build meaningful relationships and loyalty between your patients and healthcare providers. This is on top of the decreased expenses and inherent, innovative healthcare CRM system it provides.

More bang for your buck with Salesforce CRM

As we guide you into your journey in using Salesforce CRM, Third Pillar’s experts can offer you Salesforce consultancy services to identify opportunities to better utilize the solution. Through discussions and interviews, we may find add-ons and integrations that can improve your processes further. We always want to enrich the customer experience more and obtain immense value on your Salesforce investments.

In this regard, Third Pillar can help you with the following:

  • CRM software and applications development
  • CRM implementation
  • CRM integration and migration
  • Consulting and support
Choose Salesforce CRM for Healthcare

Salesforce CRM’s features can be configured to focus on what your business needs. This works in tandem with the technology’s default functionalities, including:

  • 24/7 Service through the shared cloud
  • Performance management
  • Dashboards
  • Mobile application (Lightning)
  • User management
  • List management
  • Team collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Security and permissions
  • Authentication

The right Salesforce setup unlocks significant benefits.

CRM in the Healthcare Industry

In the digital era, the healthcare industry needs to catch up with the latest CRM solutions. Large healthcare organizations and even small medical facilities must take advantage of lots of savings and improved business processes given by Salesforce.

CRM for healthcare allows for a seamless patient experience through data automation and integration. This is because medical CRM platforms can instantly collect and analyze key information into meaningful outcomes.

CRM software development for healthcare

You don’t need to worry about having the software being incompatible with your existing database and records. Healthcare CRM can be easily configured to seamlessly integrate with electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), and other databases. Not only will you retain and contain all customer- and employee-related data, you’ll also be able to consolidate patient databases, medical programs, document management and back-office accounting, and contact and billing systems, along with data from third-party sources, such as insurance providers.

CRM technology support healthcare organizations with the following:

  • Provision of personalized care
  • Cultivation of strong relationships with patients and fostering of health cooperation opportunities through effective customer interactions
  • Seamless coordination of care management between providers and third parties
  • Substantial improvement in overall performance efficiency. Integration of medical services
  • Introduction of time- and cost-efficient processes
Third Pillar is your Salesforce Partner

Our team of experts has the right skills and experience to develop and deploy Salesforce CRM solutions for your healthcare organization.

We provided best in class solutions for large healthcare organizations and medical facilities for multinational companies.

Adopting CRM software greatly benefits medical centers and institutions. This is because the solution empowers healthcare professionals to easily handle and track customer services with intuitive interfaces.

Customers receive a richer and more impactful experience through CRM software. From the first contact to marketing, sales, subscriptions, service delivery, and renewal and retention, CRM allows you to effectively manage and monitor their entire experience.

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