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As a service-oriented field, the pharmaceutical industry needs strong and innovative CRM solutions to keep up in the ever-changing market. You superior customer-centric services that can lead you to success.

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Pharma CRM Solutions

Robust technological support enables you to easily keep up with new policies and regulations despite tough competition and increased expenditure. You won’t be held back by the issues and challenges that force medicine manufacturers to work at a loss and reduced efficiency. Your pharma representatives and primary care physicians will be free from overhead and administrative tasks and focus on what they do best, thereby increasing your profits and providing a better care experience.

Deploying an intelligent and resilient CRM solution to handle pharmaceutical operations can significantly support pharma companies in navigating the challenges they face. This is because transferring to automated and smart processes can mitigate operating costs and boost your success in the market.

With Salesforce CRM, you’ll get mobile data support, cloud-based databases, and customer contact tracking. Our pharma software solutions will expedite how you react to data exchange, leading to improved communications and efficiency while preventing unnecessary and costly downtime.

Third Pillar is a trusted solution provider that offers the following:

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CRM software development

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CRM solutions implementation

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CRM application development

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CRM in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma CRM gives you a consolidated system where you can use email, social media, web, and other communication channels to manage drug manufacturer and customer data. Wherever platform or time you choose to view the data, you can retrieve them at any point and from any device. It’s a system where you can seamlessly continue your work in promoting new medications, treatments, products, or services. In addition, you’ll also be able to supervise staff and maintain regulatory compliance at optimum efficiency.

Tailor-made CRM Solutions for Pharma Industry

Not all pharma businesses have the same needs. That’s why a custom-built CRM system is the most ideal. It’ll provide your team with valuable and insightful data while allowing you to build meaningful relationships with customers, and healthcare and medical professionals. As a result, you’ll benefit from reduced costs, streamlined workflow, and satisfying customer experiences.

From small companies to large enterprises, CRM solutions properly organize their business processes and improve their quality standards. Different clinical and medical practices in the pharma field alike can take advantage of better synergy and harmony in their workflow and processes. At Third Pillar, we offer scalable and intuitive CRM solutions that we can configure based on your company requirements and needs.

CRM for Pharma can have the following:

Benefits of a CRM Solution for Pharma Companies

Most of all, the reason to implement a CRM solution in any industry vertical, such as the pharmaceutical field, is for effectively communicating with customers. As a tool, pharma organizations experienced substantial results from these solutions. such as the following:

Gather and analyze customer opinions regarding existing drug dosages and treatments, consequently modifying your sales and marketing plans to align with what your customers want.

Forecast market needs for your treatment by checking inventory cycles and assessing drug purchase patterns and physician recommendation patterns.

Expedite and improve your promotion timeline by evaluating and arranging target prospects and their influence areas, along with key opinion leaders (KOLs), physicians, and medical institutions.

Introduce mobile access to your Sales Team to help them communicate and get information wherever they are and whenever they need it.

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Why Salesforce CRM Solutions for Pharma?

Third Pillar partnered with the world’s #1 CRM platform for a reason. It has the most robust and innovative features out of all other software. We’ll train you and help deploy this solution so you can leverage its power to the fullest. Our experts will customize and adjust the Salesforce CRM in line with your unique business requirements while letting you utilize its full features and functionalities. These may include:

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Third Pillar deploys top-notch CRM software for pharmaceutical companies across the globe. They enjoy the balanced and holistic approach our solution can give to their customer and patient experience

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