We understand what you need to transform your business

Balanced Strategy and Technology to Transform Insurance Services

The insurance industry is moving forward with the rest of the world in integrating robust and sophisticated solutions into their business processes. Our software offers an intelligent system in generating leads and acquiring and retaining customers. Through informed, data-driven decisions and innovative technology, you can accomplish rising customer expectations.

Problems that Our Solutions Will Solve

  • Outdated or absent technology capabilities thereby losing customers to the competition.
  • Impersonal and templated insurance services that don’t fit individual customer needs.
  • Slow deployment of insurance products into the market.
  • Manual and inefficient operations for the organization and customer services.
  • Lack of cross-platform support for multiple devices for customers.
  • Lost opportunities by not gathering enough data and insights for analytics and forecasting.
  • No additional support and functionalities from third-party services for your existing solutions.
  • Old or obsolete business model that enables and drives future growth.
  • Vulnerability to fraud and risks from regulatory compliance.

What You Get When You Work with Third Pillar

Our skilled and qualified professionals are both experienced in the field of insurance and technology. With our familiarity and experience, we understand clients’ business needs and provide suitable software and solutions. If you’re an insurance service provider or an InsurTech company, you can come to us to transform your business for better customer engagement and rapid business growth.

Customer Experience

Clients and users can easily manage and complete the entire insurance consultation and application process through intuitive and engaging user interfaces.

Claims Management

Our online solutions offer an improved approach in monitoring and reporting incidents for transparent claims and compensations. By transforming the customer journey into digital, we provide modern and seamless customer support.

Fully Customized Insurance

We establish and configure individual user accounts that can have personalized offers and functions based on their information. It also helps them in choosing the right insurance plan.

Analytics and Reporting

Through data collection and analytics, we ensure you always make informed business decisions for your company.

Financial Risk Management

Our insurance solutions help you assess potential risks with claims and payouts. It is also compatible with many widely used payment systems.

Fraud Prevention

Our software can detect suspicious patterns from large data sets so you can proactively prevent possible fraud from initial contact.

Automation Tools

Automate your insurance processes and document management so you can be more time- and cost-efficient in handling your daily tasks.

Marketing Insights

Through our data, we assist our clients in gaining valuable insights into customer behavior. This way, they’ll develop and implement effective targeted marketing campaigns to generate new leads and upsell existing customers.

Features to Digitally Transform the Insurance Industry

With top-notch, reliable, and secure solutions, your insurance business operations significantly improve with streamlined processes and richer customer experiences. Our technology consultancy and software engineering expertise enable you to satisfy your customers with modern and intuitive systems, updated business models, and engaging interfaces.

Excellent Execution

Fully Customized Development

Not all your needs are the same. That’s why we develop tailored technology solutions with complicated architecture. Throughout this, we closely coordinate with you to update you on the product roadmap and align and exceed your requirements.

Intuitive UX & UI Icon NEW

Intuitive User Experience and User Interface

Our experienced designers make sure that all graphics and interfaces are user-friendly and understandable on mobile, web, and desktop platforms. We test and optimize the applications to give the best user experience.

Cloud Infrastructure Icon

Cloud Infrastructure

You can access the solution 24/7 in a secure and flexible environment where you can easily add new features and updates.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We perform advanced data analytics and obtain deep market insights into customer behavior through BI solutions connected to data warehouses. These are presented in dashboards that can be easily understood and accessed by all stakeholders.

Integration Icon


In the interconnected digital age, our solutions can painlessly integrate with third-party services, external partners, social media networks, and payment providers. On top of our best-in-class software, you can add new functionalities and integrations through API. ​

Mobile and Web Dev't Icon

Mobile and Web Development

To be more accessible, Third Pillar helps you provide your insurance services to every platform your customer might use. Wherever clients may use your service, they can expect smooth and intuitive user experiences all throughout.

Content Management System Icon NEW

Content Management System (CMS)

We create and deploy a flexible content system that can facilitate customer journeys, deliver news and articles, and promote targeted insurance plans in line with your segmented customer base.

Migration Icon NEW


No need to worry that your legacy system is incompatible with our software. We migrate it to the cloud along with some critical parts on the cloud. For security purposes, your sensitive information and essential features will be kept on-premise.

Robust Security Icon NEW

Robust Security

Speaking of security, we ensure compliance with all regulations and legal agreements in the insurance industry. In addition, our systems guarantee the security and safety of data and financial operations to prevent potential risks with regulation bodies, stakeholders, and clients.

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