Real Estate

Business transformation begins with a single step.

Let us guide your real estate business to the digital age.

The most prosperous companies in the real estate market embraced property technology. By offering solutions for online payments and automated support, they edge out traditional real estate firms. Customers and residents are moving towards digital services so more property and construction companies are quickly adopting this trend.

The industry needs to change. Here’s the value our service delivers:

  • Recognition as a leader in innovation in a traditional industry
  • Streamlining of processes to save time, energy, and costs
  • Collection and analysis of resident’s data for valuable insights displayed through intuitive dashboards
  • User-friendly interfaces and convenient platforms to reach and engage with customers
  • Leveraging data-driven business decisions and strategies to drive business growth
  • Automation and streamlining of processes, thereby improving the productivity of real estate managers
  • Futureproofing the company through forward-thinking resource management and consumption planning

Holistic Features for the Real Estate Industry

By deploying and configuring our digital services into real estate and construction businesses, we fill gaps left by traditional methods. When you partner with us, we’ll collaborate with you throughout your journey in implementing innovative technologies for your real estate business.

Our novel solutions improve the lives of both customers and property managers.

For Customers

Property Maintenance

Repair, cleaning, and maintenance can be managed in one convenient and intuitive platform.

Automated Support

Customers can quickly and easily reach out on their issues and concerns on any device and time of day.

Online Payments

Paying for rental and utility bills is a breeze after we implement online payment channels.

Property Oculars and Research

We find the appropriate solutions for clients by visiting properties and the local area to get to know neighbors and services and recommend pertinent strategies.

Personalization and Innovation

Through the Internet of Things (IoT), we implement smart technology in our properties, bringing them to the modern era.

For real estate and property owners

Documentation and Ticketing

You can access consolidated systems of all documents and customer queries that are prepared and processed in your organization.

Analytics and Data Insights

We create dashboards where you can easily conduct property management and resource planning through Big Data technologies.

Unified and Integrated Digital Services

We connect technologies in your organization to streamline processes and workflow.

Automated Monitoring and Tracking

Our software can track and control your resources for you, resulting in significant savings in time and effort.

Future-proof Services

We establish flexible and dynamic business processes for property management so you can work efficiently.

Innovative Technologies from Third Pillar

Smart software, cloud computing, AI, automation, and data analytics empower all aspects of the aviation industry. Airline companies leverage these technologies to provide a new and improved airline experience that is personal and efficient at every touchpoint.

Data Analytics Icon

Data Analytics

We collect and analyze large volumes of raw data and turn them into transformative insights through big data, machine learning, and AI technologies. You’ll make data-driven business strategies in forecasting, reporting, and distributing resources.

Cloud Infrastructure Icon

Cloud Solutions

Access your systems anytime and anywhere when we migrate your on-premise solutions and infrastructure to the cloud with minimal downtimes

Automation Services Icon

Automation Services

You can focus on the core aspects of your business as we automate routine and manual processes.

Intuitive UX & UI Icon NEW

Intuitive User Interface and User Experience

User-friendly designs and interfaces ensure your customers can easily use your system for their needs.

Content Management System Icon NEW

Content Management System (CMS)

Create and publish targeted content to your customers allowing them to understand the value of your properties and services.

Enterprise Resource Planning Icon

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP systems give you easy control of inventory and property operations for your real estate business.

Mobile and Web Dev't Icon NEW

Mobile and Web Development

We create apps and websites to bolster and enhance customer experience and unlocks additional opportunities to effectively manage the property.

Digital Payments Icon

Digital Payments

All payment providers can be integrated into your solution, consequently simplifying transactions for rental and utility bills.

Building Automation Systems Icon

Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Innovative solutions are integrated into your properties, thus allowing for increased efficiency, monitoring, and cost savings.

Internet of Things (IoT) Icon

Internet of Things (IoT)

By providing IoT-as-a-Service solutions, our smart utilities can be connected and used to gather data from mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Find Success with Third Pillar

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