Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM

In the real estate industry, engaging with existing and future customers is important in conducting business. Real estate CRM software allows both agents and firms to manage incoming requests, prepare price quotes, and sell properties. With its accessibility and usability on mobile, desktop, and web platforms, the solution provides flexibility and efficiency in managing overall operations and driving business growth.

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Real Estate CRM Solutions

Third Pillar understands how to be successful in the real estate business. The first objective is to build trust in your customers. That’s why most property sales still come from referrals from previous clients, existing contracts, friends, and family. With the right CRM software, you can more effectively build and maintain relationships with your customers. Our solutions can help you in generating leads, managing interactions, collecting and analyzing data, and facilitating business processes.

Who Needs Real Estate CRM
Brokers and Owners

Leverage a unified, connected system with a sophisticated set of tools to easily manage real estate operations and agents.


Focus on meaningful client engagements and revenue-generating tasks and spend less time on manual and routine processes. With tools for lead generation, action plans, and back-office functions, agents can work on what they do best.


Effective collaboration among departments and teams is a must in today’s digital world. With shared access to data and a unified system, teams can send marketing communications, talk to clients, and close deals in less time.

Do you belong to any of these groups? Third Pillar can help you.

Third Pillar’s Solutions Connect Your Business with Customers

CRM software is a command center for your business that manages contacts, engages customers, executes email marketing, and stimulates repeat and referral business. Our experienced and qualified professionals guide you in implementing CRM solutions that fit your needs. Using our novel systems, you can organize, monitor, and sell with innovative tools and features.

Transaction Management Icon

Transaction Management

Effectively administer real estate transactions in compliance with regulations and policies.

Marketing Automation Icon

Marketing Automation

Prepare and carry out email campaigns to penetrate your target market and gain repeat business.

Sample Invoicing and Billing Icon

Simple Invoicing and Billing

Close deals and complete sales cycles faster by enabling your team to access, prepare, and store invoices, bills, quotes, and price books in their CRM accounts.

Automated Sales Process Icon

Automated Sales Process

Give more time to your sales representatives by automating follow-up emails, field updates, and notifications.

Seamless Reporting Icon

Seamless Reporting

Collect and analyze high-quality data in real-time to enable your agents and business to make informed, consolidated, and strategic decisions.

Intuitive User Interface Icon

Intuitive User Interface

Easily access and control the systems through user-friendly interfaces and designs.

Third-Party App Integration Icon

Third-party App Integration

Utilize numerous third-party applications including familiar tools and software in real estate that smoothly integrate with our CRM solutions.

Improved Customer Relations Icon

Improved Customer Relations

Communicate with prospects and customers to understand what they need, while monitoring all prior interactions for a personalized and meaningful conversion.

Lead Generation Icon

Lead Generation

Generate leads with simple interfaces so you can enhance customer engagement and maintain communication, leading to more opportunities, better profiling, and faster closing of deals.

Smoother Workflow Icon

Smoother Workflow

Obtain enhanced team collaboration for the whole company, consequently reducing administrative work, expediting processes, and improving lead management.

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

View and manage customer data anytime and anywhere from your mobile or web applications. Stay productive as you answer customer concerns and communicate with your team on a convenient platform.

SMS Portal and Support

SMS Portal and Support

Connect with customers through SMS for a cost-effective way to get customer data, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and monitor customer situations.

CRM in the Real Estate Industry

In today’s digital era, the real estate industry catches up with the latest CRM software. For real estate firms of all sizes, they can take advantage of the features and enhanced business processes that CRM can offer.

CRM in the real estate industry enables smooth and meaningful customer experiences through data automation and integration. This is done through CRM platforms that easily gather, analyze, and transform key information into valuable insights and strategies.

Our Success Stories
Salesforce Solutions

Marketing Cloud

B2B and B2C initiatives and campaigns can take advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It gives you a 360-degree view of your audience by enabling social listening and collecting and managing real-time data from your customers.


Sales Cloud

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, your team gets a centralized system that allows them to connect with their customers easily. Wherever they are, your team will receive usable insights and data that lets them sell smarter and more efficiently.


Service Cloud

Keep your customers happy by providing exceptional customer service anytime and anywhere. Salesforce Service Cloud improved customer satisfaction by as much as 26% and expedited resolution time by 41%.

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