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Telecommunications companies face new challenges in the ever-changing market. From changing customer requirements to rising operating costs, companies struggle with these problems. Third Pillar helps you overcome these challenges through our digital solutions. From robust CRM software, advanced data management, and innovative business technology, telecom companies gain advantages they need to edge out the competition.

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Advantages of Digital Solutions in the Telecommunications Industry

Third Pillar’s innovative and fully customizable software allows you to achieve your business goals and objectives. As we transition your company into the digital era, our robust solutions provide the following benefits:

Solutions to Transform Your Telecom Business Enterprise-wide

Our comprehensive solutions improve efficiency and productivity for all business processes and areas in the telecommunications sector.

Human Resources

Effortlessly handle HR processes and collaborate with employees for better talent hiring and development and employee relations and retention.


Through automation and real-time analysis of financial data and processes, our novel systems help in translating them into actionable strategies for the organization.


Consolidate and organize various data sources, consequently performing in-depth data analysis, predictions, and processing in a single platform.

Financial Risk Management

Our insurance solutions help you assess potential risks with claims and payouts. It is also compatible with many widely used payment systems.

Database and Data Management

Easily access and manage data on multiple devices and platforms, including web and mobile

Application Development and Integration

Create and customize robust and sophisticated applications for business and technology services.

Third Pillar’s Digital Solutions Features
Customer Database Icon NEW

Customer Database

Comprehensive database on customer profiles, behaviors, and interactions to allow seamless issue resolution, billing, ordering, and servicing.

Customer Care and Billing System Icon

Customer Care and Billing System

Easy access and management of billing and payments, including customer histories, checkout invoices, and account balances.

Data Collection and Analytics Icon

Data Collection and Analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning give you relevant insights from high-quality data that you can use to create and deploy effective strategies and business decisions.

Issue Resolution Icon

Issue Resolution

Intuitive system in proactively closing issues and trouble tickets from review, escalation, and resolution.

Case and Activity Monitoring Icon

Case and Activity Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of customer cases thus expedites time to resolution for issues and negative situations.

Marketing Strategies Icon

Marketing Strategies

Development and execution of targeted marketing campaigns to high-value clients to improve the profitability and effectiveness of campaigns.

Sales and Contract Management Icon

Sales and Contract Management

Seamless management systems to expedite sales cycles, maximize productivity, and improve direct, indirect, and online channels.

Partner & Relationship Management Icon

Partner Relationship Management

Solid collaboration among partners to share critical information to ensure customer satisfaction and alignment with strategies.

Commissions Management Functionality Icon

Commissions Management Functionality

Implementation of incentives for company partners in launching and selling new products and services.

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Our comprehensive solutions improve efficiency and productivity for all business processes and areas in the telecommunications sector.

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