Bringing a Collaborative Approach to Solutions Implementation
Third Pillar provides automation services with its newest partner, Automation Hero. Together we aim to help businesses and organizations automate simple-to-complex business processes so knowledge workers can focus on more impactful revenue-generating activities.
Enhances Decision Making​
Speed up your business processes and employee productivity by guiding them with recommendations related to cross-selling and upselling.​
Scale from one to 1,000 servers to achieve your needs regardless of workload size. ​
Adds Brainpower​
Customizable templates around OCR, Classification and Extraction provide easy intelligence to any automation.
Easy to Access​
Provide easy access to AI and automation with point-and-click functionality to reduce dependence on IT resources.
Efficient technology that has a personalized approach through an automation assistant encourages the practice of AI integration.
It has enterprise-ready security measures in place, including monitoring and data governance.


Finance Automation

Accounts Payable,
Accounts Receivable and

Gain over 70% ROI due to elimination of manual labor and empower Finance teams to perform value-added tasks: management reporting and decision-support analysis.

HR Automation

Transform HR from administration to strategic

Cover Employee On/Off Boarding and Advances Liquidation with automated workflows.

Multi-channel B2C Ordering

Invest in automation to thrive in the new normal

Resolve customer dissatisfaction, mismanaged inventory, and operating cost increase.

Document Retention Policy Compliance

Comply with government requirements

Document Retention through powerful AI models and OCR. Digitize your documents retention for tax compliance at less cost.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence, you’ll be able to define and execute the most mundane, time-consuming tasks and get immediate returns with the added benefit of streamlined business operations through intelligent workflows.

Automation Hero goes beyond traditional automation by bringing together several components of process automation into an agile, end-to-end platform that rapidly automates work.

Customers can easily accelerate their automation projects with point-and-click functionality. And, because they can seamlessly integrate with legacy software, they also reduce their reliance on IT and service providers.
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