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An ineffective sourcing and procurement process can lead to lost revenue, rising costs, long delays, and decreased productivity. We offer a better solution. In partnership with Consus, we sell an eProcurement system that delivers a clear and positive impact on the bottom line of our customers. As a tried and trusted consulting firm in spend management, Consus serves more than 150 customers across the Asia Pacific region and the Indian subcontinent. At Third Pillar, we bring this strong advantage to you.

Sourcing & Procurement Company

While implementing a sourcing system has its own advantages, Third Pillar goes beyond that by providing a highly skilled and qualified team in Consus who will guide you every step of the way. Their experience enables them to adapt to all your business needs. They are aware of all the difficulties in implementing new technologies so they can recommend the most suitable solutions for you.

Consus understands that every organization is unique with its own level of maturity and desire for change. That is why they adjust the technology depending on the varying goals of a company and provide an intuitive learning curve. They adjust the platform through their flexible delivery models and technical and operational support. Clients get plenty of room to breathe in during a deployment period of 1 to 3 years.

Throughout the implementation, they ensure that the in-house team is properly oriented with the right knowledge and skills by managing the e-sourcing platform as a joint team. As a team, they focus on cost savings so we commit to achieve 4–14% as part of the value of their sourcing solutions.

Their trained experts can provide quality service in various industries. They have worked in simply acquiring office supplies to more complex mixed freight of goods from separate locations. They can partner with you in any field or unit you are in, from IT infrastructure, MRO, consumables, cleaning services, and medical and construction capital expenditure, along with raw materials such as steel, slag, fuels, utilities, sugar, and flour.

They also cater to organizations that may not what procurement or sourcing technologies. They provide sourcing-as-a-service if their team would lack specific capacities in their organization. Their delivery model is collaborative. They offer our process and category knowledge while empowering your in-house team to carry out market and sourcing engagement.

Their eProcurement solutions can be implemented as a part of a complete Source-to-Pay solution or a standalone service. While their system can be deployed manually and electronically, they recommend the e-sourcing approach.

Best Procurement Consultancy Project award at the World Procurement Awards 2022

Consus Global won the Best Procurement Consultancy Project at the World Procurement Awards 2022.

From building its sourcing programs, to transforming its category management approach and sourcing alternative suppliers, Consus Global earned this honor for implementing a range of strategic initiatives for its customers. 

Solution Outcomes with Consus

With eProcurement solutions and services, Consus can solve all these problems and guarantee savings in the process.

Our solution gives your business the following benefits:

GUARANTEED SAVINGS of approximately 4–14% on your annual addressable spend
FIRST-RATE sourcing and negotiating practices to ensure the lowest prices
EXTENSIVE NETWORK of suppliers that can complement your existing suppliers
TRANSPARENT and CLEAR reports you can view online and in real-time to gain the trust of suppliers and internal business unit stakeholders
EXPEDITED sourcing cycle time by 50% through templates and efficient processes for immediate spot buys to extensive 7-step strategic sourcing.
FOCUS on your core competencies such as business engagement and strategies and not long and routine market-facing activities
CONNECTION to a global supplier base
Our Partner’s Sourcing Services

Our expertise ranges across various services and products from the world’s #1 CRM software.



By scouring and assessing current procurement ecosystems, we take and implement high-quality systems and standards, resulting in more productive, informed, and cost-effective solutions. We guide you throughout the whole process and help you select the most appropriate procurement options for your business.

Managed Services

Managed Services

We support your business by providing a term-bound managed service to help your procurement team. You’ll receive a guaranteed minimum of 4% savings in your annual addressable spend.

Spend Analysis

In-depth Spend Analysis

To help improve savings, our experts perform thorough spend analytics to determine your sourcing pipeline for the service period. We identify this by looking through your level of spend, existing business needs, availability of requirements and data, contract renewal dates, and business stakeholder buy-in.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

To understand your organization’s overall needs and products and services required, we perform requirements gathering. We collect detailed specifications and volumes, SLAs, and terms and conditions. We help you streamline and expedite the documentation process, one most unexciting parts of sourcing. Finally, we write and submit a final RFQ package online on the e-sourcing platform or in a traditional format.

Supplier Outreach

Supplier Outreach

You get access to our proprietary database containing more than 200,000 suppliers. We help you connect to new suppliers that are appropriate to your pre-existing qualification criteria.

Evaluation Parameters

Evaluation Parameters

Closely communicating with our clients enables us to make sure that the decision on the platform considers the organization as a whole. We identify their evaluation parameters including price, delivery, quality, TS and CS, capacity, capability, geographic footprint, and financial strength. We upload and use these to compare against vendor responses to ensure the best choice for your company.

Supplier Response

Supplier Response Gathering

We gather and manage the business units and procurement teams’ scoring for all supplier responses on the RFP questions. Applying these scores on evaluation criteria, we can come up with a qualitative rank for each supplier. Throughout the eRFP phase, we carry out follow-ups to suppliers and facilitate training on the login and portal to upload their responses.

Comparison & Quantitative

Comparison And Quantitative Analysis

To decrease analysis time, we provide manual or tool-based comparisons and quantitative analysis on all costs and quotes.

Online Bidding

Online Bidding

There are multiple online bidding options according to your preference and needs. You can even compare their prices in real-time. Online bidding expedites the final price negotiation process from weeks and months to just 1–2 days. While this approach brings transparency and rankings to suppliers, the final decision usually boils down to the qualitative ranking of other non-price parameters. Throughout this process, we offer supplier training and support.

Opertational Support

Operational Support

You will see your efficiency in sourcing increase since we’ll guide you throughout the whole process. From auctions to supplier and buyer onboarding, you can expect full operational support from us.



Negotiations are a big aspect of procurement. We collaborate with you ins conducting negotiations to help navigate cross-cultural and sensitive situations to ensure all parties reach their expectations and objectives.

Contact Finalization

Contract Finalization

We’re here for you all the way, from initiation to contract finalization. Our commitment is to provide as much support and assistance you need.

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Third Pillar advises you in replacing, deploying, or customizing your eProcurement solution.

Third Pillar partners with Consus, a trusted leader in eProcurement to achieve all your sourcing and procurement needs.

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