Tigergraph empowers businesses to unlock the hidden potential within their data through a unified graph analytics platform. Connect all your data sources, from customer records to financial transactions, to reveal hidden patterns and relationships for groundbreaking, actionable insights.

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Drive the Competitive Advantage

The Enterprise-Scale Graph Data Platform for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

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Transform Disparate Data into Actionable Intelligence

Break down data silos and gain a holistic view of your business.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Real-Time Insights

Uncover hidden trends, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

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Drive Innovation Across the Enterprise

Empower teams with a powerful analytics platform to solve complex problems and unlock new opportunities.

Reduce Cost and Manage Risks with Graph Analytics

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Detect money laundering in real time with deep-link analytics. Reduce false cases by up to 95% compared to legacy AML systems through AI and Machine Learning

Cybersecurity Threat Detection

Integrate and traverse data from multiple sources to deflect cybersecurity threats. Uncover patterns and flag unusual behavior related to malicious attacks.

Fraud Protection

Tap into various sources to uncover hidden connections within your data. Accelerate fraud detection with lightning-fast queries and up-to-date databases.

Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Assess and monitor credit and regulatory risks by cross-referencing company data and behavior with financial and government policies.

Find Success with Third Pillar

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AXA Philippines is one of the leading global insurance companies maximizing content planning to create smarter customer journeys to offer the most fitting product and services.
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Vista Land

As one of the country’s top integrated property developers and the largest homebuilder nationwide, Vista Land maximizes social media platforms to expand its customer reach.
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