Salesforce Post Implementation Support: Third Pillar can do it for you!

30 Jun 2020

In any project, hard work does not end when implementation is done. It’s a journey that involves learning, change management, monitoring, evaluating, and implementing new features and a lot of tweaking along the way towards continuous improvement.

One of the ways that companies can ensure success in this journey is to have a post-implementation support team. This team can take the lead on user training and adoption, monitor weather the company is meeting its goals, and help to maximize the long-term value and benefit of the solution.

What kind of support team do you need?

Salesforce and Third Pillar provides guidance on the type and number of support personnel that a company needs depending on the size and complexity of the implementation.

At Third Pillar, we offer Application Management Services (AMS), as a suite of managed support services to help Salesforce customers to ensure that the system is maintained and managed in alignment with changing business requirements. While customers may opt to build their own in-house support teams, outsourcing it to a managed service provider eliminates the need for recruitment, ramp-up and retention, helps you reduce and control IT costs, and expect efficiency in accordance with a service level agreement (SLA).

AMS is available in different packages, from a 10-hour/month package for a smaller Salesforce implementations, to a Premium Pack for enterprise Salesforce customers.

Contact us to learn more! Our AMS may just be what you need.