FinTech Case Study

Sales and Service Cloud for a Financial Technology Company
Business Challenge

In the financial services industry, new technologies and solutions are developed and implemented to improve the processes and services provided by the industry. From mobile and online payments to cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer transfers, or microloans, financial technology moves the industry forward. This provides better services and value to customers who choose their company.

Our client is a financial technology company offering innovative e-wallets and mobile payment services. They allow the financially underserved to pay online without credit cards as well as businesses with payment solutions for online and card payments.

Our client was looking for further business growth through digital transformation. Recognizing that we could provide it for them, we started working together to achieve our unified goals for their company. These include:

  • Expedite revenue cycle:
  • Preparing intelligent quotes
  • Consolidating documentation of quotes and products to sales deals records
  • Implementing an automated business process in acquiring and closing sales deals
  • Generate more leads:
  • Acquiring more lead channels
  • Smooth capturing of leads from the front-end channel
  • Boost customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Establishing additional service channels
  • Smooth acquisition and designation of cases
  • Automation of service business process
  • Enhance the quality of leads:
  • Increase of accuracy and completeness of lead information
  • Automating lead scoring and lead business process
  • Improve reporting and information access for monitoring management visibility
  • Integration of real-time reports and dashboards
  • Scheduled preparation and submission of reports to executives and management
  • Improve lead conversion:
  • Introduction of automated lead business process, regular reminders and notifications, information updates, and communications to customers and internal groups
What Did Third Pillar Do

We recommended empowering their sales and service processes with digital solutions by introducing Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud.

Through Salesforce, our client can capture leads from various platforms including web-to-lead forms, portals, tradeshows, and events. These, in turn, can be assigned to and accessed by sales managers and representatives through the Sales Cloud.

Sales teams can easily manage their assigned leads until the conversion from the Accounts and Contacts module, as well as handle Opportunities and Proposals until deal closure.

To ensure that the lead generation and management process go smoothly, we tweaked assignment rules for leads and cases. This ensures intelligent routing of case and lead records in line with their product types, customer, or problem categories, which speeds up generation and designation of leads and cases to various sales and service groups.

Outcomes Delivered

Through Third Pillar’s expertise and efforts, we achieved the following:

  • Reorganization of the business process in collecting service tickets from various channels, customer types, and products, thus improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improvement of the productivity of Internal service teams in managing service tickets, thereby expediting the resolution turnaround time
  • Substantial increase in new leads from 10%, while reducing the time of revenue cycles, resulting in the timely accomplishment of objectives
  • Enhanced visibility of sales activities from acquisition to closure and expansion of customer wallet shares by introducing a unified system in tracking leads and sales deals
  • Introduction of improved quantifiable lead conversion and opportunities closures rates to enable Sales Teams to make intelligent, informed, and timely business decisions

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