Non-profit Organization Case Study

Fixing and Enhancing Tools and Processes in Collecting and Managing Donors and Gifts
Business Challenge

Typically belonging to religious, educational, or charitable institutions that represent certain social causes, non-profit organizations collect donations and manage relationships to serve the public. They strengthen communities by working closely with them and providing their needs. Using their often intimate knowledge of the community, they represent them on vital decision-making organizations so they can stimulate growth and opportunity.

We provided our expert services to one such non-profit organization. They are in charge of the administrative, financial, and logistical operations of several organizations. Before working with Third Pillar, they recently migrated its donor database from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce and integrated the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP). The Salesforce platform was mainly used for managing donors and gifts.

After discussing with our client, we utilized our knowledge and skills in identifying the following goals and objectives:

  • Replace the previous fundraising tool.
  • Fix and configure NPSP after it was customized by a prior Salesforce consultant
  • Develop the standards on the organization’s business process
  • Introduce Events Management Functionality in the NPSP solution
What Did Third Pillar Do

With their objectives in mind, we created a plan to address their needs and issues. Through discussions and assessments, we evaluated the entire organization and prepared possible fixes and improvements based on our findings. From what we know, we configured the forecast tool for the best performance in line with their requirements. We also created a Business Process Review for Leads and Donor Management document so they can better handle donors and gifts. In addition, we developed an Events Management solution to support their fundraising activities.

Outcomes Delivered

With our solid communication skills, combined with our knowledge and expertise, we completed all of our goals and objectives in the specified timelines. We achieved this by closely collaborating with our client in parallel learning and implementation, resulting in a smooth engagement and execution despite the problems throughout the project. This project was an overall success as recognized by the perfect, overall rating of ten (10) our client gave us in the Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) Power of Us – Easily manage their data and relationships with donors, along with their families, and companies.

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