Power/Utility Case Study

Data Cleansing of Customer and Accounts Data for a Power Company
Business Challenge

Providing electricity and power to its customers, the electric power or public utility industry generates and distributes power all over the world. It is important for homes as people need it to live, along with businesses that use it to operate. Access to these utilities is commonly recognized as a basic right. Reliable usage of these services allows its customers the freedom to drive economic and social development.


Third Pillar was approached by a power company to assist with their issues on data management. Providing power distribution, generation, and retail electricity services, our client needed a way to easily access and manage various customer and account data from their previous solution. With data cleansing, they’re hoping that they can work more efficiently, thus reducing turnaround time, keeping customers happy, and driving business growth.

What Did Third Pillar Do

With the client’s situation, we advised them to perform data cleansing on their accounts, customers, and service agreements data.

We established the following objectives:

Outcomes Delivered

In line with our objectives, Third Pillar achieved and introduced the following for our client:

Customer Remediation Page

Effortlessly handle HR processes and collaborate with employees for better talent hiring and development and employee relations and retention.

Active Premise with Tax City

Introduced Active Premise to allow the user in easily remediating Tax City

Premise Address Data Cleansing

Fixed and configured the address data so it can be searched based on latitude and longitude

Account Master Remediation

Empowered users to remediate the bill cycle code and mailing premise in an easy-to-use interface per account

Monthly Report Count

Improved visibility by offering a single view of information and error data report count for the past 6 months

Error Report Dashboard

Created a dashboard that offers a graph view of total error per group per month


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