Telecommunications Case Study

Process Automation and Best Practices for a Telecommunications Service Provider
Business Challenge

The telecommunications industry connects people all over the world. Comprising providers of telecom equipment, services, and wireless communication, they provide the ability to send and receive text, voice, images, video, or data. This allows anyone to connect with their family, friends, colleagues, as well as businesses or institutions. For companies, the industry enables them to interact, engage, and build relationships with their customers. 

As an industry of connecting the world, it is important for them to adequately reach out to their target market. A service provider in the telecommunications industry felt that they weren’t capitalizing enough on the potential opportunities and leads that their target market offered. They had limited visibility on possible clients and low customer penetration. When they do get customers, the turnaround time is slow.

What they would have wanted is to get a comprehensive view of customers and opportunities, gain better decision making, expedited deals processings, and more effective pipeline management.

What Did Third Pillar Do

To address this, they sought the help of Third Pillar who recommended to transfer to Salesforce. Combining our best-in-class solutions and the more than 27-year, telco background of their subject matter expert, we assessed the telecom service provider’s processes and advised on areas to improve.

We took their Head of Enterprise Group to attend Dreamforce, an annual Salesforce user conference, to give them a better idea of the capabilities and features of Salesforce as a company-wide CRM.

Seeing how it could help their company, they decided to adopt Salesforce, particularly Sales Cloud, Pardot, and Einstein Analytics, as their CRM of choice. With the new solution they’ll be able to:

Outcomes Delivered

With the guidance of Third Pillar, the company started the nationwide rollout, which involved traveling throughout the country to train personnel regarding Salesforce. By the end, there is full adoption within the first month and compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs).

Armed with knowledge and expertise, the company saw the following results:

Process Automation

By automating manual B2B sales processes, we significantly expedited the turnaround time by 99%.

Consolidation of Disjointed Systems

A unified system in the Salesforce platform allowed the firm to gain a 360-degree view of their customers, contacts, opportunities, and tasks in a single application, resulting in better pipeline management and faster decision making.

Best Practice Implementation

Through Third Pillar, the company implemented global telecommunication best practices and streamlined their processes for effective business transformation.

They achieved the following metrics:

Very satisfied with the success of the solutions, the company further procured other solutions, namely Vlocity and Mulesoft. They also expanded their Salesforce applications with Service Cloud for Service Assurance.


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