Business Strategy

Third Pillar has partnered with the top business strategy technologies to deliver worthwhile digital transformation projects that aim to speed up the time-to-value of every endeavor.

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Improve time-to-value and predictability

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Increase efficiency to unlock capacity

De-risk your strategic bets

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Strategic Portfolio Management

Align your projects and initiatives with your business strategy.

Project Portfolio Management

Plan and schedule projects, allocate resources effectively, and improve reporting accuracy.

Product Portfolio Management

Gain insight into your company’s product portfolio from ideation and development to launch and beyond.

Enterprise Agile Planning

Adopt agile methodologies for software development and other complex projects.

Value Stream Management

Improve lead times, reduce waste, and deliver value to customers faster with complete end-to-end visibility.

Professional Services Automation

Create an effective digital command center for your organization.

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Discover how enterprise planning solutions can help everyone get on the same page and deliver faster results.

Business Strategy in Action



Helped its Fortune 500 client base improve project visibility and decision-making, leading to a 20% reduction in project delays.



Implemented Planview's solutions for a global manufacturing company, resulting in a 15% increase in on-time project delivery.



Enabled a major healthcare provider to optimize resource allocation and streamline project management, achieving significant cost savings.

Successful Implementations

Read on about our previous success stories and discover how we reshaped businesses across various industries.

Globe: A Leader in Telecommunications

Leveraging our best-in-class solutions, we assessed Globe’s telecom service provider processes and advised on areas to improve.
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The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) is an agency under the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry that focuses on export promotions. They had to onboard sellers through automation and end-to-end streamlined processes.
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RCBC is a universal bank taking its customer experience to greater heights by utilizing multiple social channels.
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