Third Pillar Reaches New Heights: We are a Salesforce Summit 3-Peater!

11 Mar 2024

Makati City, Philippines – March 11, 2024 – Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. (Third Pillar) celebrates a monumental milestone today: becoming a Salesforce Summit Partner for three years in a row! 

The top-tier Summit status is a mark of excellence awarded by Salesforce to Third Pillar, solidifying its position as the leading information technology consultancy of Salesforce in the Philippines, continuously exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch services to businesses across diverse industries.

“This 3-peat is a true honor and a reflection of our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our ability to deliver impactful solutions that drive real business results,” says Jen Garcia, COO of Third Pillar. “We are incredibly proud to be recognized as a trusted partner by Salesforce and remain committed to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that drive growth and success,” says Garcia.

Proudly serving some of the biggest enterprises in the Philippines within our strongest industries: Financial Services and Insurance, Telecommunications & Technology, and Real Estate, Third Pillar consistently earns high client satisfaction ratings with our dedication to innovation and customer success.

The leadership of Third Pillar’s Global Delivery Center, armed with a strong team of Salesforce experts  (L-R)– Standing: Jojo DIzon, Matt Sombrito, Hazel Ang, Mark Edioma, Raffy de Guzman. Sitting: Christene Mantuano, Karen Jimenez
The Third Pillar Commercial team, poised for growth. First row (L-R): Rommel Buiser, Paulo Marasigan, Alfonso Castro, and Kel Mojado. Second row (L-R): Patrick Segovia, Nicole Ingua, Jen Garcia, Sheryll de Leon, Liyahn Macababbad

Third Pillar’s unwavering focus is its clients’ success, helping them leverage the power of Salesforce to its full potential.

This relentless commitment and focus enabled Third Pillar to produce over 240 Salesforce certifications from its pool of over 80 organic consultants, backed by legitimate services delivery experience across industries, clouds, and solutions. Salesforce recognizes Third Pillar as a partner-of-choice in the aspects of customer success, innovation, and engagement.

“Filipino ingenuity has always defined our core, propelling us to empower businesses and transform destinies. Now, our sights soar across the archipelago, and beyond.”

Jennifer Ligones, President and CEO of Third Pillar
Third Pillar’s Executive Committee (L-R): Ally Aquino (AVP & CSO), Mike Gorres (SVP & CTO), Jennifer Ligones (President & CEO), Jen Garcia (EVP & COO) 

Jennifer Ligones, CEO of Third Pillar, shares, “Three years of Summit Partner status wouldn’t be a victory lap for us at Third Pillar. It’s the launchpad for an even bolder climb. Filipino ingenuity has always defined our core, propelling us to empower businesses and transform destinies. Now, our sights soar across the archipelago, and beyond.

Our Singapore office beckons a gateway to the vast promise of the Asia Pacific market. But to conquer new peaks, we’ll need an army of trained and dedicated heroes. That’s where Kel Mojado and his enablement team step in, meticulously mapping career paths and nurturing talent across every role, from sales to delivery.” says Ligones.

Kel Mojado, Director of Enablement, quips: “At Third Pillar, your growth is our summit. We don’t just equip you with tools, we fuel your journey with purpose.” 

Third Pillar doesn’t only focus on Salesforce expertise; it’s about unleashing the Filipino spirit to its full potential. “We’re building a company where excellence and empathy go hand-in-hand, where ambition meets compassion, and where every summit conquered unlocks a future brimming with possibilities,” says Jen Garcia, COO of Third Pillar.


1. Administrator
2. Advanced Administrator
3. Associate Administrator
4. Platform App Builder
5. Business Analyst
6. Process Automation
7. Salesforce Maps
8. Security & Privacy

9. AI Associate
10. Associate

11. Application Architect
12. Data Architect
13. Sharing and Visibility Architect

14. Associate Platform Developer I
15. Industries CPQ Developer
16. OmniStudio Developer
17. Platform Developer I
18. Platform Developer II
19. Sales Cloud Consultant
20. Service Cloud Consultant
21. Experience Cloud Consultant
22. Field Service Consultant
23. OmniStudio Consultant
24. Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant

25. Financial Services Cloud

26. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist
27. Marketing Cloud Administrator
28. Marketing Cloud Consultant
29. Marketing Cloud Developer
30. Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
31. Marketing Cloud Intelligence

32. Mulesoft Developer – Level 1

33. Sales Representative

34. User Experience Designer

Ready to unlock the transformative power of Salesforce for your business? Contact Third Pillar today and let our team of experienced consultants guide you on your journey to success.

About Third Pillar Business Application Inc.

Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. is a leading Salesforce consulting firm in the Philippines, empowering businesses with innovative cloud solutions and expert guidance. Recognized as a 3-time Salesforce Summit Partner, the company has a proven track record of success in helping businesses across diverse industries achieve their goals. Our team of highly certified consultants offers a comprehensive range of services, from implementation and customization to ongoing support and optimization. With a dedication to innovation and customer success, Third Pillar is your trusted partner on your Salesforce journey.

Third Pillar is also a Certified Great Place to Work. Read here to learn more about this amazing milestone.

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