Introducing Third Pillar’s Accelerated Packages: Service Cloud

2 Dec 2020

Bringing your business to the digital world can be difficult, especially at this time. The pandemic pushed businesses to take the necessary precautions to protect their customers in purchasing their products. 

Most of your employees are encouraged to work-from-home, and your customers shouldn’t haveto compromise their safety when reaching out to your business. 

This shows that having customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for your company. Imagine having a 360-degree view of all your data as well as the ability to easily reach out to customers in one go.

Why Service Cloud is important

According to PR News Wire, businesses that prioritized enhancing the customer experience saw that their revenue increased by 84%. This data shows the importance of giving your customers an efficient service through one platform. 

Your service teams need software that will give instant one-to-one conversations with customers from various channels. Service Cloud addresses customer inquiries while keeping their data private.

What makes it worth the investment is that this tool improves the performance of your agents by letting them work faster in answering the questions or feedback of customers. It can result in enhancing both the experiences of your clients and employees, all while reducing costs. 

Image from Salesforce

The lightning speed for service centers also automatically transfers cases to the most reliable agent almost immediately. It all comes with the help of having a complete view of your customers and data.

In this example, we use Technical Global, a fictitious company that serves many customers nationwide. They have been experiencing difficulties in reaching customers’ expectations of having a personalized experience. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sheryl, wanted her service team to improve on interacting with the audience like how they talk to friends. 

After integrating Service Cloud into her business, she noticed how her service team gave customers a memorable experience. Whenever someone calls or chats about their sentiments, buyers don’t need to have the hassle of discussing their purchase history from start to finish. 

Since all of their backgrounds are in Salesforce, her agents can look for their names and know their cases right away in just a few clicks. This scenario shows the importance of giving your customers a personalized experience by letting them contact your service agent when they need it most. 

Finally, now you know about Service Cloud! You deserve a solution that will meet customer expectations, even in these difficult times. Bringing your system to the cloud will result in a more convenient and quicker approach to handling customer data. 

Third Pillar is willing to bring that privilege into your software in just three weeks. Our team wants to help solve your business challenges right now. Start the journey now by downloading the Accelerated Packages Ebooks right here and watching our Service Cloud video below.

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