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Third Pillar has partnered with the world’s leading enterprise technology innovators to bring great transformational changes with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Experience next-level operational efficiency and empower every aspect of your business in an easy, intuitive way.

Transform Your Business with AI You Can Trust

Discover how you can make AI work for you with Salesforce Einstein’s safe, secure, and trusted architecture. Gain real-time access on customer data, powerful data analytics, and process automation across your company.


Unlock the Power of Customer Data with Einstein!


Dive deeper than ever with AI-powered data analysis and uncover hidden patterns, trends, and predictive insights within your CRM.

Predictive Scoring

Prioritize leads and opportunities based on the predicted likelihood of conversion, allowing your sales team to focus on the most promising prospects.

Automated Chatbots

Streamline customer interactions with chatbots powered by natural language processing, personalize experiences, and resolve issues without human intervention.

Automate Repetitive Tasks for Efficiency

  • Automated Activity Capture: Automatically log your emails, calls, and meetings into your CRM, saving valuable time and improving data accuracy.
  • Workflow Builder: Automate repetitive tasks and processes with drag-and-drop ease, allowing your sales team to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Analytics: Build custom dashboards and reports with real-time insights, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the customer journey.

Personalize Every Customer Experience

  • Journey Orchestration: Design automated customer journeys across all touchpoints based on individual customer preferences and behaviors.
  • Smart Recommendations: Offer personalized product and service recommendations to each customer based on their unique needs and purchase history, boosting conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
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Start Your AI CRM Journey Today

Experience the power of Salesforce AI CRM

  • Resources and Support: Access a wealth of learning materials, webinars, and community support to ensure your success.
  • Expert Guidance: Partner with CRM experts to unlock the full potential of your customer data.

With Salesforce AI CRM, you can go beyond managing relationships. You can build intelligent, personalized experiences that drive customer growth and achieve lasting success.

Customer Stories



Increased lead conversion by 25% with personalized recommendations fueled by Einstein.​



Reduced customer service call handle times by 30% using Einstein Bots.​

United Airlines

United Arilines

Improved on-time performance by 5% with AI-powered predictive maintenance insights.​

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