Phoenix Petroleum: A Top Local Independent Oil Company

About the Customer

The Leading Local Independent Oil Company Strengthening its Customer Loyalty Program by Listening & Engaging with Members using Digital Marketing

Business Challenges

The business faced challenges in effectively capturing and responding to customer sentiments concerning products and services. Additionally, leveraging social media as a customer service tool and managing loyalty campaigns through CRM with intelligent personalized journeys posed significant hurdles. Improving customer sentiment analysis, social media engagement, and CRM integration were key objectives to address these challenges.


To address the challenges, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Integration of an Omni-Channel Dashboard to manage multiple social media accounts effectively.
  • Creation of intelligent customer journeys based on customer behavior to enhance engagement and personalization.
  • Establishment of a Single-View of the Customer using an Omni-Channel Dashboard for tracking order management and customer service interactions.
  • Provision of access to real-time dynamic reports and dashboards for informed decision-making.
  • Implementation of tracking mechanisms for SLA compliance and performance evaluation.

Omni-Channel Dashboard

Intelligent Customer Journeys

Real-time Dynamic Reports

SLA Tracking Mechanisms

The Results

The implemented solutions yielded the following results:

  • Significant increase in customer response time and agent productivity, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Improved ability to filter concerns for proper agent assignment, leading to quicker issue resolution.
  • Enhanced campaign communications at scale for loyalty program subscribers, resulting in improved engagement and satisfaction.
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