Third Pillar’s Accelerated Packages: Sales Cloud

21 Dec 2020

Right now, you are wondering why you currently have no leads. It is an exhausting feeling to go through all the hard work but not being able to reach your sales quota. 

This situation shows that you and your team need to enhance sales strategies and find solutions that will reach the expectations of your leads and customers. You also have to know what to do in keeping track of your customer’s journey.

Did you know that there is a platform that can personalize your customer experience? It is called Sales Cloud. This software helps you spot your leads by understanding if your company’s services match their interests. 

Why you need the Sales Cloud Accelerator Pack 

According to Salesforce, around 79% of business purchasers mentioned that it is essential to engage with a salesperson who is a trusted consultant. Your sales strategy no longer needs to focus on urging products and services to prospects. 

The key is to connect your sales team to departments like marketing, commerce, and service through Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. This Lightning speed sales automation can help your sales team close deals faster by knowing their leads better, saving all their sales data, and its other analytics features. 

Image from Salesforce 

For example, Technical Global struggled to meet customers’ expectations for the past few weeks. 

Sheryl was worried that her sales team barely understood the expectations of customers and prospects. She was also afraid that they don’t know how to operationalize the customer experience quickly.  

However, after using Sales Cloud, she realized that her team can easily keep track of the customer journey from start to finish. With its tools, they can view their customer’s background and timeline.

They also know how their deal is progressing and what moves to make next based on the data provided. Sheryl also uses the dashboards and reporting tools to track her team performance and take note of the possible points of improvement. 

As a salesperson, you need a solution that helps reach your customer’s standards and expectations. You deserve a tool that effectively turns your current leads into regular customers  with the help of an organized view. 

Using Sales Cloud will help enhance your sales strategy quickly anywhere, even with your work-from-home setup.This package can still significantly boost your sales despite your team not being able to physically meet with clients.

We at Third Pillar are ready to help you experience the benefits mentioned above in just three weeks! All you have to do is download the Accelerated Packages Ebook and contact us right here. 

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