The Era of AI-powered Enterprise Planning, Powered by Third Pillar and Planview 

11 Apr 2024

Manila, Philippines – Third Pillar, together with Planview, recently held a private presentation on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on enterprise planning. Executives from some of the Philippines’ top companies were given an exclusive first look at the technology.

Rapid adaption and proper forecasting can pose a big challenge for businesses as projects and portfolios diversify and change. Planview, a Gartner Leader in various enterprise planning solutions, offers to simplify these processes through its award-winning Platform.

With 70% of digital transformation projects under-delivering on their ROI (McKinsey Global Survey 2021), Planview saw the opportunity to deliver high-impact solutions that aim to make enterprise digitalization simple, effective, and efficient.

With its market-leading software, Planview aims to improve project, resource, and portfolio visibility to optimize the speed and cost of every business opportunity. By integrating artificial intelligence with extensive datasets and machine learning, companies can optimize resource allocation and improve forecast accuracy quickly and efficiently.

The exclusive presentation, given by Planview CIO Matt Zilli, delved into the challenges modern businesses face in today’s dynamic landscape and explored how a well-defined Enterprise Planning approach can bring clarity and focus to Filipino businesses.

Some key points of the discussion included

  • The Philippines’ push for digitalization following its $600M Loan from the World Bank
  • Up to 79% productivity loss from strategy, planning, and delivery, to outcome in typical digital product development cycles.
  • How AI can accelerate project delivery, boost productivity, and reduce risks by up to 40%

Attendees gained valuable insights into the advantages of the platform and how streamlined collaboration and digital transformation carry high-impact results. Through proper digital transformation, businesses can ensure that everyone across the organization is working towards sharing the same objectives in the best way possible.

The event ended with an informative fireside chat on the potential of this solution in the Philippines’ rapidly expanding markets, especially in the financial and retail sectors. Third Pillar, together with Planview, commits to helping build the future of connected work.

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