BPI MS Partners with Third Pillar to Bring its Customer Experience to the Next Level

15 Apr 2024

Makati City, Philippines – BPI/MS Insurance Corporation, a leading non-life insurance provider in the Philippines, has embarked on a transformative digital project to enhance customer experience and expedite claims processing. Partnering with solutions provider Third Pillar, BPI MS is implementing a custom-built solution called ACAP + ISIP (Agile Claims Automation Processing + Intelligent Supplier Invoice Processing).

Pioneering AI for Streamlined Claims

This innovative system leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) automation as part of its functionalities. ACAP + ISIP simplifies the claims process for both policyholders and case handlers, resulting in increased accuracy, faster processing times, and efficient invoice management.

When fully deployed, customers will be able to leverage the technology and see marked improvements in their insurance claims through a simplified and easier process.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction Through Innovation

Since 2020, BPI MS has prioritized digital transformation to deliver superior products and services. This commitment extends to streamlining claims processing, a key factor in customer satisfaction. The ACAP + ISIP project underscores BPI MS’s dedication to continuous improvement and its focus on leveraging technology to benefit its customers.

“This [partnership] will further streamline the claims process by eliminating redundancies and free up the capacity of our claim handlers to handle more valuable tasks, such as managing complex claims or offering support to customers during critical moments”

– Ichiro Iwabuchi, President & CEO of BPI MS

Third Pillar’s Commitment to Innovation

As one of the first AI-powered claims-processing solutions in the country, this project is a testament to Third Pillar’s commitment to helping businesses through the power of technology. With over 500+ successful projects across different industries in its portfolio, Third Pillar has proven that investing in innovation provides great returns for those who are willing.

As AI technology finds its way to products and services, Third Pillar commits to serve as the bridge between companies and technology and only provide effective solutions for its clients.

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