Globe: A Leader in Telecommunications

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With Third Pillar’s expertise, the company saw the following results:

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Lead Conversion
+ 0 %
Market Share
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Lead Turnaround Time

Third Pillar has been instrumental in building our Service Cloud platform. They share best practices, industry standards, and how to optimize out-of-the-box features. We had some hiccups during the build when there were limitations that were not discussed early on, but have been resolved. Also, since we are on a long haul for this project as we are on over 1 year, I suggest keeping the same people on the team so that everyone is on the same page. Lastly, we have a great relationship with Third Pillar and we're thrilled that we chose them to be our partner on this.

About the Customer

Globe Telecom is the leading telecommunications service in the Philippines and operates as the largest mobile network and broadband providers.

Many companies rely on Globe’s services to enable them to interact, engage, and build relationships with their customers.

Globe Business strives to provide transformative insights and technology solutions that resolve challenges of organizations.

Business Challenges

Globe Telecom experienced the challenge of doing the tedious tasks of copy-pasting, manually pulling reports, and having no automation tools due to unscalable systems.

Third Pillar identified these business challenges as:

  • Limited Visibility: As part of an industry connecting the world, it is important for them to adequately reach out to their target market. They had limited visibility on possible clients and low customer penetration.
  • Slow Customer Turnaround Time: A big challenge is to get a comprehensive view of customers and opportunities, gain better decision making, expedited deals processing, and more effective pipeline management.
  • Lead Tracking & Conversion: Globe felt that they weren’t capitalizing enough on the potential opportunities and leads that their target market offered. 

These affect revenue for the company and carry unnecessary risks.


With Third Pillar’s Service Cloud implementation, they experienced:

  • Simplified reports generation through drag and drop features
  • Automated customer surveys
  • Creating an automatic case in non-resolved issues of customers.
  • Solved limited visibility and slow customer turnaround time with Service Cloud and Pardot
  • In Lead Tracking & Conversion, we are able to complete end-to-end Acquisitions, leads and conversion.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Pardot

Einstein Voice & Analytics

Service Cloud for Service Assurance

Community Cloud for Service Assurance

External Lightning App Builder for Service Assurance

Knowledge for Service Assurance

The Results

With the guidance of Third Pillar, the company started the nationwide rollout of the solution.

This involved traveling throughout the country to train personnel in Salesforce. By the end, there is full adoption within the first month and compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs).

  • B2B Process Automation: Reduced manual process turnaround time by 99%.​
  • Consolidation of Disjointed Systems: The Salesforce platform allowed the firm to gain a 360-degree view of their customers, contacts, opportunities, and tasks in a single application, resulting in better pipeline management and faster decision making.​
  • Best Practice Implementation: Very satisfied with the success of the solutions, the company further procured other solutions, namely Vlocity and Mulesoft. They also expanded their Salesforce applications with Service Cloud for Service Assurance.

They achieved the following metrics:

  • 20% increase in lead conversion rate
  • 20% Increase in opportunity conversion rate
  • 41% increase in market share
  • 99% faster lead turnaround time
  • 5% campaign success rate
  • Legacy channel cost reduction
  • Increase Campaign Success Rate
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