Case Study: How CRM Helped Change the Game for Philips

3 Sep 2021

Given our reliance on technology and certain pieces of equipment to get things done, it can be safe to say that manufacturing is one of the most essential industries out there. For starters, without them, we wouldn’t have the goods we all know and enjoy, ranging from simple furniture, to kitchen appliances, or even electronics.


Research shows that, aside from having various goods manufactured and distributed, the manufacturing industry also provides notable benefits for businesses such as a fast employment growth rate, a vast contribution to the economy, and of course, a wide array of options for customers to choose from. Various manufacturing companies have established a name for themselves over the years, but by far, one of the most iconic names in the manufacturing industry is none other than Philips.

For 120+ years, Philips has been at the top of their game when it comes to providing customers with innovative lighting, healthcare, and lifestyle solutions. As the years go by, Philips aimed for a deeper understanding of their customers so they can continue providing products and services above and beyond than ever before, and with that, they partnered up with Salesforce to get things started!

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