Case Study: How Salesforce Helped Improve Case Management for Human Resources

26 Aug 2021

Human resources is a line of work that defines a lot of companies from different industries. Without their contributions to the workforce, there would be no structure and organization for a company to showcase. 

According to the GISMA Business School, Human Resources, or ‘HR’, contribute a lot more than building employee relations, handling fair compensations and benefits, and recruiting new hires for the company; the industry is also vital for a company’s overall growth and success, particularly in the areas of employee development, brand strategy, conflict management, and workforce fostering. 


With all the contributions that Human Resources bring to the table, it’s safe to say that this industry is extremely essential. 

Case management, on the other hand, can be a challenge for any organization to manage, especially for those working in human resources. Case in point, one of Salesforce’s clients is a leading name in the telecom market.

This company has garnered a devoted following in the saturated Hong Kong market, and has become one of the five main telecom providers in the country. They also boast strong sales figures, all handled with a 150-strong sales team.

However, as the company expands further, this company has also started to experience some small issues in their business model. Namely, problems in keeping track of reports, handing out prompt responses to customers, and handling case management.

Through their partnership with Salesfoce, they got their much-needed help to  rectify those tiny wrinkles! Since then, they were able to make good use of the Salesforce HR dashboard to manage incoming tickets and respond to them promptly, therefore keeping gears on a smooth running pace.

To know more details about this, click here to read their case study.