Case Study: How Salesforce Helped Improve Portfolio Management for their Client

6 Oct 2021

In this day and age, it can’t hurt to be a little more organized with your property. Thankfully, the asset management industry can do just the thing for you!

Asset management is the management of one’s investment on behalf of others. It is the protection of a client’s investment portfolio that is handled by an individual or institution, while also monitoring that portfolio’s appreciation of investments made. 


While asset management seems like something easy to manage, it can be the complete opposite at times. Case in point, Salesforce’s client, who happens to be a big name in Singapore’s broadband market.

This company, while a titan in their market, experienced a few small wrinkles in their business model over the years. For instance, they experienced a few obstacles when it comes to leads tracking, and at the same time, also encountered a few hurdles with portfolio management for their clients.

Through their partnership with Salesforce, they got their much-needed help to rectify those tiny wrinkles! Since then, they were able to make good use of the Salesforce Dashboards to manage their clients’ portfolios, track their leads with more accuracy, and help other companies match their products with the right market!

To know more details about this, click here to read their case study.