Case Study: How Third Pillar Helped Improve Lead Generation and Management for their Client

26 Jul 2021

Bringing in more revenue is always essential for a company to thrive and survive in a competitive world, and in order to do that, you need to bring in new prospects to help grow things up. In the financial industry, this is something that’s especially prevalent and important.

The financial services industry empowers individuals and businesses alike to accumulate their wealth and improve their financial stability and quality of life. As such, research shows that businesses that avail financial services can gain a multitude of benefits, such as networking opportunities, plenty of internal support, and the chance to change one’s own, or someone else’s life for the better.


At the same time, financial services can always be elevated, and that’s something that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms can definitely help with! Research also shows that CRM in financial services, particularly banking, can help businesses establish a more customer-centric business model, personalize customer care, and make marketing efforts all the more effective.

Case in point, one of our clients just happens to be a financial institution of their own scale. They offer various products and services to their customers, including life insurance, accidental insurance, and pension plans. This company wanted to expand their horizons, especially in terms of increasing their lead capturing, establishing automated processes, and implementing activity management processes.

Through our partnership with them, Third Pillar was able to help them hit their marks! We advised them to adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud, with Partner Community Cloud, to establish a more community-based lead distribution. With Salesforce, this company has been able to acquire leads from different platforms, and distribute these leads to advisors for seamless access and review before conversion.

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