Case Study: Salesforce’s Journey with The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

5 Jul 2021

Bringing in more students is always a top priority for any education sector. This task shows that you must focus on attracting students from different backgrounds. 

Marketing your schools and increasing enrollment rates is always challenging. Luckily, solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) can help institutions like yours grow quicker. 

Research shows that the use of CRM in higher education is increasing. It is predicted that this trend of growth will continue, as it may reach $11.3 billion by 2024. 

Image by Max Fischer/Pexels

When schools, colleges, or universities have a solution like CRM, it will help educators and staff have easier access to data. This platform also gives users an organized view of enrolled students and their classes. Although, these benefits are only the surface!

There are many more advantages of using this solution for your institution, and Salesforce’s customer success story shows that. It’s now time to find out how the world’s #1 CRM helped LSE become closer with its enrolled and prospective students. 

Image from LSE 

This school is open to students and staff from different countries. Its strategy aims to enhance and adapt their widening participation (WP) programs to attract more enrollees from various backgrounds. 

The task of engaging with potential students and tracking applications from different programs and general admissions is a lot. Just like your institution, they had to meet up with the challenges of giving applicants and students the right service. 

Their Salesforce journey started when one of their teams had to look for deeper insights on potential students and provide specific applicant experiences. LSE wanted to connect with students with a more intelligent approach. 

LSE used Education Cloud’s tool to ensure that students receive the information about their offerings. It resulted in helping them increase the click-through rates (CTRs) by 25% for some event emails. 

They also made a mobile app on the Salesforce platform to receive attendance data from their many events. This school also ended up having online application forms that go directly to their Salesforce platform through an AppExchange app

This journey sounds cost-effective and convenient for the education sector! Just imagine having data through a 360-degree view of your potential and existing students.

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