Globe Telecom invests P173 million in Third Pillar in powerful partnership

18 Aug 2020

Third Pillar further establishes its brand in its seventh year as they become part of the country’s biggest telecommunication company, Globe Telecom, Inc. Globe acquired a 67% stake in Third Pillar to pursue its goal of expanding its suite of cloud business offerings in Software-as-a-Service applications, the faster and more cost-effective choice for many businesses worldwide. This builds Globe’s credibility within the Information and Communications Technology sphere and allows a smoother transition into ICT consulting for many enterprise customers.

Third Pillar began with only six employees in 2013 and rapidly expanded to over fifteen times their original size in under seven years. With this power move, the collaborative effort with Globe will allow Third Pillar to expand both its reach and its resources, as it boosts its chances of penetrating international markets. It is now expected to provide even higher quality services as the partnership allows the company to develop even stronger relationships with its customers, partners, and employees. Third Pillar has already proven itself to be a leader in the industry as one of the country’s most trusted consulting partners and solution providers, and it will only get better from here.