AI: How can Einstein Analytics power your business?

16 Dec 2020
Einstein Analytics

According to a McKinsey research that Salesforce shared in 2019, nearly half of companies today are looking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their business but some are still struggling to reap the benefits of their AI projects and initiatives. 

Salesforce mentioned that this was due to the difficulty surrounding data management and data science, making it more difficult to scale AI into production. Einstein Analytics is Salesforce’s way of addressing this challenge and simplifying data management tasks through its top-level features and built-in capabilities.

What is Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics will fit seamlessly into your business if you are looking for detailed analytics reports and dashboards for Salesforce data. It helps you visualize the ongoing activity in your Salesforce environment, whether it’s for Sales, Marketing, or Service. It provides insights into the data you get from your users every day, like their contacts or accounts.

Einstein Analytics offers a variety of tools that help you work smarter. Salesforce markets this as an “AI-powered advanced analytics” solution that offers various data visualization opportunities like dashboards and graphs, all of which show you how users are interacting with Salesforce. 

Another advantage is that everyone in your business has immediate access to the data insights through the platform’s point-and-click visual surface.

How does it work?

You have data coming from different places, and this can bring significant change to your business once they are combined and viewed together. This can improve the customer experience and answer the key questions they may have. 

You can connect Einstein Analytics directly with your CRM data to bridge your data with visuals and artificial intelligence. The visualizations can help you uncover unexpected insights that you can use to your advantage. You can even use them to make better predictions for the upcoming months. Your business can thrive through the insights provided, which give you easy access to potential business opportunities.

The platform also displays web and mobile traffic analysis, customer engagement and scoring data, and insights into social behavior. The tremendous growth it can bring to your business is also proven by its ability to personalize and contextualize websites and apps. 

Image from Salesforce

What are its features?

  1. Visuals

The visuals from Einstein Analytics are unique to the platform and have plenty of options that enhance the psychological and communicative aspects of the tool and analytics as a whole. You can delve deeper into how you want to convey your message and what type of visuals will match it.

Aside from the usual pie chart, some of the options include:

  • Customize charts with chart properties: 

Chart properties can configure Analytics charts and create topnotch visualizations.

Image from Salesforce
  • Bar Charts

 There are different types of bar charts like bar, column, stacked bar, and stacked column which are catered to different company needs.

Image from Salesforce
  • Calendar Heat Map Charts

These are useful for creating better visuals of recurring discrete activities over long periods of time (e.g. closing accounts).

Image from Salesforce
  • Column Charts

A column chart is perfect for showing relative counts of things like leads, and a stacked column chart for showing groups within each bar.

Image from Salesforce
  • Donut Charts

Donut charts are useful for showing both the proportion of a single value as well as the total amount.

Image from Salesforce

Dashboards can also be separated into pages and sections so you can group the similar graphs together. It will also be paired with tables that will show the details within the graph.

  1. Prebuilt dashboards

As if the analytics tool wasn’t impressive enough, Einstein Analytics also has pre-built dashboards that work for all kinds of users, even beginners. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot all have this feature that can help you gather insights quickly, allowing you to simply execute campaigns or shorten resolution times for customer concerns.

The pre-built dashboards in Sales Analytics contain KPIs that help you get value from your Salesforce data. You can manage pipeline, visualize quotas data, fine-tune forecasts, as well as understand key business performance drivers that can help you take the right action.

  1. Data Management

Data management is made easy with the Einstein Analytics platform. It offers tools that connect all kinds of data like visual data preparation, scalable and built-in data mart, and self-contained ETL functionality. Their out-of-the-box connectivity also makes it easier to connect and process non-Salesforce data by including multiple data sources like Google BigQuery, AWS, and CSV files.

Image from Salesforce
  1. Predictions

With Einstein Analytics, you can get predictions and recommendations using no-code AI. It has both predictive and prescriptive analysis to predict future outcomes for your business and make suggestions that can improve those outcomes. 

Einstein Prediction Builder, which is a part of Einstein Analytics, is user-friendly because once you set up the training and scoring, it automatically happens behind the scenes, and the predictions become available. No need for any knowledge of writing code since all you need is this platform.

Image from Salesforce
  1. Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery boosts the capabilities of Einstein Analytics by conducting thousands of statistical checks to confirm if each trend is valid. It also provides easy-to-understand explanations for patterns and predictions that it gives.

One of its features also includes helping CRM users gather and present their findings with auto-generated slide presentations with visualizations and talking points for them to use. For instance, the Sales Analytics app can analyze thousands of deals with Einstein Discovery, and this indicates the essential factors that impact the closing of the deals.

Image from Linkedin


As expected from Salesforce, Einstein Analytics is a secure, trusted, and scalable tool guaranteed to benefit businesses who use it. It is also mobile-friendly so whether you are on your desktop or on mobile, you can still get access to your data insights and other features you need to run your business. 

Time-sensitive tasks could be handled better by eliminating the manual steps that could prolong resolution. So this could help speed us processes, lessen errors, and increase productivity among teams. When Einstein Analytics drives your workflow, you are able to easily analyze data and work on immediate tasks more efficiently.

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