How Globe Business and Third Pillar helped elevate TechGlobal Data Center’s Customer Service

2 Dec 2021

As innovation changes, so do customer expectations. These days, running a company goes beyond selling products and services since consumers want personalized experiences. This shows why it’s so crucial for businesses to prioritize customer service. 

Our customer, TechGlobal Data Center, Inc. experienced the challenge of fast changing customer demands due to the shift in digitization. To solve this challenge, Third Pillar and Globe Business worked together to improve its digital transformation while helping them become the leading secure data centers in the Philippines.  

We implemented Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM), to give them the proper support to keep pace with their customers. With Service Cloud, it allowed them to go from doing manual tasks to managing their customer databases. It lets them automate and address customer concerns quickly with its multi-channel view. 

Sales Cloud helped TechGlobal’s sales team to be in charge of their leads, collaborate smoothly, and get new opportunities, all while working remotely! 

Third Pillar and Globe Business aim to continue adding more integrations as we help uplift businesses of all sizes. Together, we want to provide industries with the solutions they need to empower themselves and their customers. 

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