How to make a content marketing strategy that suits your business

11 Feb 2021

Revisiting your content strategy every now and then could help you keep up to date with current trends and how to better reach your customers. Many businesses are seeking to improve their content marketing strategies this year. To keep your audience engaged, incorporate your content marketing strategy into your overall digital marketing plans.


Why your business needs it

According to Lyfe Marketing, 78% of consumers prefer knowing a company better through articles rather than ads, and 70% believe that releasing custom content shows consumers that companies are interested in building good relationships with them. 

Let’s say, Lori, the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Technical Global, our fictitious company, struggled to get leads from the website. She and her team wanted to bring their customers closer, but she noticed that the click rates are low on Technical Global’s site. 

All she wanted was to make the marketing content relevant and informative– something that the audience will enjoy. She wants to create a strategy that will make her audience stay engaged. 

Lori did not know where to start until Professor 3P came into the picture. He taught her that a good content strategy involves a lot of research and analytical thinking. 

Do you want to know how Lori’s content plans improved? Then let’s hop on to 3P’s lecture! Start the class by looking at the key points below. 

What is Content Marketing?  

Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers! It improves your brand’s reputation, builds trust, and eventually improves conversion. 

Do you want to know the benefits of this strategy? It is a reliable and cost-effective way of generating website traffic and gaining leads!  

For instance, publishing an article with a link to your products and services and seeing it gain an amount of organic traffic will benefit you, even long after you’ve published the piece. 

You also have a lot of wiggle room because you can be flexible and creative with your strategy. You can apply other marketing tactics that will not only attract leads but also educate your audience and show both your expertise and values that could improve your status in the industry. 

Now let’s find out what you must know to create the perfect strategy! 

Who are your readers?

Think about the kind of content that different groups of people would be interested in and how you can produce something original around those topics. Use other channels as well to maximize your reach and really engage with your audience.

How can you uniquely address the problem?

You have to be able to help your audience notice that you are worth listening to and buying from, and this starts from the content you produce.

One of the solutions you can use is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With this software, you can personalize your customer journeys, deliver relevant content to your channels, utilize gathered data, and many more! It has Social Studio, a platform where it lets you analyze conversations, engage with your customers, and publish posts on your social media pages.

How will you execute your content?

Aside from creating creative solutions, you have to be creative with content delivery as well. Consider the different formats you can use, such as infographics, videos, and blog posts. Include some variety and study which are best suited for certain types of content.

Then, consider your active channels. You can use your social media platforms, your website, and blog, or your email. 

Think about where your specific content fits best, then study how it can best be managed once it’s published. Create a content calendar and adjust as needed. Try to visualize what message you are trying to share and how you can effectively post your expertise across multiple channels.

Building your strategy

Set your goals

Create your content with a purpose. Are you creating content to improve search ranking results, generate leads, improve brand awareness, or something else? Knowing your goals will help you create a more laid out plan for your content. Your course of action will be specific to your goals, giving you a more organized flow of thought.

Understand your buyer persona

Knowing your specific audience allows you to create highly effective and valuable content. You may also notice a shift in your audience if you have expanded your businesses. Study your audience parameters, conduct market research, and make content that is suited for them.

Stand out

The more you focus on your expertise, the more you can establish yourself in your field. People will know to look for you for specific needs. Leverage your skills and your network so you can present content that is specific to you and reach more people at the same time.

Switch it up

Try different ways to produce content. If you’ve been focusing on blog articles, try making videos, infographics, e-books, and other creative ways to engage with your audience. Analyze how you’re performing, other areas you can explore, and how to execute them properly.

Source: Mario Peshev

Stay updated

Staying updated with trends and news gives you more ideas on how you can connect with your audience. For example, people are longing for connection with each other because of the quarantine protocols. Use that as an entry point to align your products and services with what people need at this time.

It’s essential to stay relevant and produce content that shows how your services can help even during a difficult time. Incorporating visuals into your content strategy can be more compelling to viewers

You can start a podcast to target even the busiest people who do not always have the time to check social media. Let yourself be creative and let it manifest into your strategy.

If you are a B2B business, be attentive to what your clients are struggling with and what platforms would be the most suitable to reach them. Know what goals you are trying to achieve and study what your competition is doing. You can highlight the benefits your business can give and target not just what customers need but why they need them.

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