Salesforce Sales Cloud for Getz Chemicals Goes LIVE!

6 Mar 2024
Celebrating the successful project launch is the Getz Chemicals Group team headed by Director and President, Enguerran Brice Bernoussi, and the Third Pillar Team

Makati City, Philippines – Last January 2024, Third Pillar successfully launched its Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation for Getz Chemicals, marking a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. 

With a strong presence spanning decades, Getz Chemicals Group has become a key player in the distribution industry, helping connect local chemical suppliers with cutting-edge global technologies and services.

Their dedication to delivering performance with passion demands constant innovation and continuous improvement. To address the growing market, Getz Chemicals has implemented Sales Cloud to speed up time-to-value to its clients in the company’s Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam offices.

As one of the leading sales management solutions, Sales Cloud has helped empower sales teams across different industries. Based on average customer metrics, Sales Cloud customers can significantly increase sales revenue by 28%, speed up lead closures by 29%, and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities by 28% to name a few.

Through the successful launch of Sales Cloud, Getz Chemicals can expect better sales efficiency, more accurate sales forecasts, and enhanced visibility on their opportunities to empower their sales teams and close more deals in shorter times.

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