SALESFORCE WEBINAR: How to find, win and keep your customers for future growth and success

8 Mar 2022

How to find, win and keep your customers with loyalty in 2022 and beyond

As you start implementing your plans for 2022, it’s time to re-evaluate if your process is helping drive growth or slowing you down. In today’s challenging business environment, higher customer expectations and changing operational requirements are leaving Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) stretched thin.

Join Salesforce on 17th March, 11am PhT (GMT +8) and learn how your growing business can streamline your operations, providing your team the right technology and time back to market, sell, service, and retain customers.

You will get to learn and benefit from this live webinar about:

  • Smarter marketing: Find more leads and engage your audience with personalized content
  • Faster sales: Win more deals with less effort through automation of your sales process
  • Better service: Keep more of your customers with outstanding personalized service

Plus, you will also get to see real-life case study from Salesforce’s succeeding customer who has leveraged technology to drive the future of business and how they have improved their business processes to keep up with fast-changing landscape.

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