Say hello to 3P, Third Pillar’s leading Professor.

24 Nov 2021

It’s challenging to keep up with today’s customer expectations. When technology grows, it means you and your team should be equipped with solutions that meet your company’s needs. 

Today’s customers expect a personalized, consistent, outstanding experience! As these demands grow, your team must learn new skills and innovate to stay ahead. 

That’s why it’s vital to enhance your team’s skills in technology. You need and deserve a professor who will teach you and expand your horizons. 

It shows why we are so happy to introduce you to 3P.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current technology gaps, 3P is here for you to learn more about your much-needed solutions and a lot more! He goes beyond having an educator-like persona since he is sweet, approachable, and friendly to all humans and bots.  

Now let us tell you why we came up with this character. 

Why we made 3P 

We want to create a connection emotionally to give an empathetic feel while communicating our message. So we made 3P, as that reliable, engaging character and used him to bring to life many of the ways our solutions and services are there for our customers.

The reason why we made him a robot is that it symbolizes innovation and the future. As an IT company, we want to display the embodiment of tomorrow’s technology. 

Just like you, he aims to reach high and experience progress, whether big or small. He wants to be the guide in letting you achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to meet him? Then here he is!

Who I am and Where I’m From

First off, hi there! I’m your all-around tech bot, ready to assist you! I’m so happy to finally meet you. My name stands for; a Professor with the knowledge to impart, a Partner who helps one overcome obstacles and the most Proficient bot you will ever meet in technology! I come from a planet known as TechTopia, a place where innovation is continuously nourished and encouraged. 

There’s a lot of things you can find in TechTopia, from hovercrafts to teleportation pods, and even some great tech booths that you can visit when you need a little recharge after a hard day’s work. You can also find other bots by the city-load, from the ever-so-intelligent scholar bots from EduTopia to the hardworking creators over at ToolTopia!

What’s excellent about TechTopia is that each city on the planet specializes in a specific industry and has the brightest bots paving the way for innovation.

As for me, I was specially built to fit in all industries! All of my parts come from all cities, which helps me function in any endeavor I choose to lend a hand in. It just makes me a great asset to have and a great friend to any human or bot that meets me.

Why I Do What I Do

It’s simple: I want to help businesses reach their full potential, help build meaningful relationships with their customers, and foster a long-working partnership between one another. 

All while creating a strong sense of community and helping build sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s world. 

Our Third Pillar crew is ready for your business to take-off as high as possible! Begin this journey out of this world by connecting with us here.

We’ll give you something that goes beyond our technology!