Shorten the sales cycle with an integrated CRM, CPQ and contract management solution

30 Jun 2020

The contract negotiation stage is often considered the most tedious part of the entire sales cycle. Getting approvals from stakeholders can take an agonizingly long time. In some cases, just getting the final signatures in means several weeks of waiting time.

To compound this, with never-ending tweaks and the contract constantly going and back forth, you risk document loss and getting the incorrect version – which further lengthens the time and effort it takes to finalize the deal.

We now have a way to make this process faster and easier with an integrated Salesforce and Docusign solution. Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that unifies customer touchpoints in one consolidated platform. Docusign is the company that pioneered eSignature and with its SpringCM solution, facilitates the full lifecycle of contract management from contract creation to storage.

While Salesforce customers already enjoy the benefits of having a more effective leads generation and management process, this integration with Docusign and SpringCM helps further accelerate the full sales cycle. Through this integrated solution, Salesforce customers can:

1. Store, organize and access documents in any Salesforce account or opportunity with a secure central repository that gives customers more in-depth document storage, organization and workflow capabilities.

2. Boost productivity with Contract Management by eliminating the time spent manually updating documents and routing them for approval. The solution provides clear versioning and redlining capabilities and automatically updates the contracts associated with the Salesforce opportunity, so you never have to worry about working with an outdated version. Rules and workflow automation allow users to trigger events and accomplish tasks within the Salesform platform.

3. Fast-track the entire agreement process from CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) to contract generation and negotiation to approvals up to signing and managing agreements, thereby shortening the overall sales cycle. The solution also helps customers streamline the steps that happen before the quote is generated and after the contract is signed.

4. Easily monitor and check the status of the contract. Through the solution, you can easily find out who has your contract, what their assigned task is and when it is due. You can also use the solution to send quick reminders of their pending tasks to assigned reviewers.

5. Collaborate across Salesforce users and non-users. Documents generated or populated within Salesforce can easily be sent out to teams who don’t have Salesforce accounts.

Our Third Pillar team can help you avail of this solution and implement it in your organization. To learn more, contact us here.