Survive, Adapt, and Evolve! The FINTECH Edition

30 Jun 2020

When people clamored to work from home, this wasn’t what they meant. The pandemic changed the world, and everyone is paying the price. Over 3 million people have contracted the virus and over 200 thousand have died so far. Look at economic graphs and you’ll see huge spikes. Up for unemployment, and down for stock prices. Covid-19 has nearly frozen the world in its tracks, and the best most of us can do is stay home.

There’s an air of uncertainty surrounding the entire crisis. We’re not sure how long this will last. A cure is most likely a year away, but a year of lockdown will tank whatever economy is left. We’ve been forced to stay in our homes and shift our work online. Meetings at the office and casual nights out with friends are things of the past. We’ve had to shift how we all live our lives, and it’s difficult to say which of these shifts will end up permanent. How will the business world change after the pandemic? Will businesses stay online and digital? How do we cope now, and how do we prepare for the future?

One answer, just might be FinTech.

As the world scrambles for online solutions, FinTechs (short for Financial Technologies) fill an essential portion of everyday operations. Investments in these technologies could help cope with the current Covid-19 crisis while at the same time help future-proof your business. Various companies have used the technology to huge effect. From mobile payments, to crowdfunding, to cryptocurrency, these technologies have unlocked immense possibilities for companies willing to leverage them.

Understandably, such possibilities come with a host of questions, so Third Pillar Business Applications is happy to host a specialized online forum featuring distinguished speakers from the field of FinTech. Join us on April 30, 2020 at 3:00PM Manila Time and find out how FinTech can carry you through this crisis.

Watch the livestream below:

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