Third Pillar celebrates its first year as a Globe Business Company

19 Aug 2021

This week, we mark a new milestone as we celebrate our first anniversary with Globe Telecom. Together, we continue our mission to guide companies of all sizes in their digital transformation by providing best-in-class solutions. 

Our partnership with Globe is based on the goal of enhancing information and communications technology (ICT) to build a better service for customers. We aim to elevate the future of the Philippines, providing best in class technologies focusing on providing better experiences which simplify the lives of our customers. 

“Globe invested in Third Pillar early into the pandemic at the right time as most organizations, regardless of size, started realizing the importance of digital transformation to survive and evolve.” Jennifer Ligones, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Third Pillar,  stated. “Because of the acquisition, Globe is now able to offer its customers and corporations transformative industry solutions in sales, service, marketing, commerce and analytics with the Salesforce 360 degree platform.”

She explained that it can also help organizations prepare corporate data that can be trusted for digital transformation.

 “In turn, Third Pillar realized greater efficiencies and gained access to Globe’s platform and customer base.  A year into the partnership, both sales teams have collaborated to serve existing and new customers in various sectors such as Finance and Insurance Services, Healthcare, Telco, Real Estate, and Manufacturing.” 

We always ensure that customer care is the top priority! “Globe and Third Pillar are obsessed about taking care of their customers.” She said, “And we are continuously on the lookout for trends and innovative solutions to support the growth of their businesses.” 

“The goal of providing customers with business process Automation and Artificial Intelligence have begun not only in the Philippines but also in the regional markets.” She continued. “This is so timely as the Philippine government launched the national Artificial Intelligence Strategy to boost the regional and global competitiveness of the local industry to drive innovation.” 

“Third Pillar’s strategic initiatives in complementing its CRM expertise with Artificial Intelligence will help the country be more competitive, uplift the image of the Philippines, and attract big global industry players to help our government prepare jobs for the future,” she mentioned. 

“Globe’s investment in Third Pillar stems from a desire to provide people with a holistic experience—no matter what stage they’re in on their customer journey. As more customers see the value of going digital, more businesses will realize the importance of having a credible partner in CRM. Third Pillar’s presence will allow companies to leverage technologies that will empower them to adapt to today’s ever-evolving business landscape,” shared Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business, Enterprise Group.

For the future, Third Pillar and Globe’s partnership envisions providing companies with faster services in a cost-effective way. We aspire to make businesses prepare for the future of customer expectations, especially in today’s current work setup. 

As a Globe Business Company, we look forward to many more accomplishments with our partner. Click here to know more about Third Pillar’s solutions.