Third Pillar Soars High: Certified as a Great Place to Work!

2 Feb 2024

Makati City, Philippines – Third Pillar, a leader in data and business transformation, has reached yet another remarkable milestone; it is now a Certified Great Place to Work®! 

Since its inception back in 2013, Third Pillar has made its mission to deliver the best technology solutions to enterprises around the world. To do that, the company has fostered a culture built on innovation, professionalism, and empathy towards both its clients and employees.

In just 10 short years, Third Pillar made its mark in the top Filipino businesses across multiple industries by equipping them with the best solutions in Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Business Strategy, eProcurement, Data Management & Analytics, and more.

In 2020, Third Pillar became part of the Globe Business family and expanded its reach to the Asia Pacific market. Two years later, the company broke another milestone again by becoming a Salesforce Summit Partner, a designation reserved only for the top 10% of partners globally.

Third Pillar’s Management Committee

Becoming A Great Place to Work

To achieve the Great Place to Work® seal of approval, Third Pillar underwent a meticulous validation process to ensure that it truly cultivates a thriving employee experience. For that, employees answered a Trust Index Survey, a comprehensive pulse check delving into five core dimensions:

  • Credibility: Do employees trust leadership to be competent and honest?
  • Respect: Are employees treated fairly and valued for their contributions?
  • Fairness: Are policies and practices just and equitable for all?
  • Pride: Do employees feel proud of their work and the company they represent?
  • Camaraderie: Does a strong sense of teamwork and belonging exist within the company?

Third Pillar didn’t just tick boxes; they smashed them, exceeding the stringent threshold required for Certification. ⁠With 94% of its employees saying they feel welcome when they join the company, Third Pillar successfully proved to be one of the best workplaces in the country.


Standing Amongst Multi-national Industry Giants, Third Pillar is a 100% Homegrown Filipino Company.

Despite the company’s smaller size, the close-knit community helped in making every individual feel recognized. It’s common for colleagues to be close friends, even outside work.







From their focus on open communication and collaboration to investing in employee growth and development, Third Pillar has created a workspace where people feel valued, empowered, and excited to come to work every day.

If you’re looking for a career that goes beyond just a job, where you can be part of something truly special, then look no further than Third Pillar. Visit our career page to learn more exciting opportunities and experience the Great Place to Work difference for yourself!