Third Pillar’s Accelerated Packages: Social Studio

29 Dec 2020

Where are your customers? Are they window shopping or in their favorite cafe? Wherever they may be, you’re sure about one thing: they are probably on their phones right now, surfing the web or posting on social media.

An article from Backlinko showed that there are almost 3.81 billion social media users worldwide in 2020. This shows that more and more people are going online and discovering new brands. It is definitely a sign to create digital marketing strategies and social media content. 

After setting up multiple social media accounts for your brand, you start to wonder how you can publish posts at the same time. You also think about how you can plot topics in calendars, analyze, and spot potential customers. Digital marketing is no easy task, but you will be able to solve this challenge using Salesforce’s Social Studio!

Why choose Social Studio

In a survey from Buffer, around 58% of marketers stated that considering social media to the overall marketing strategy is very important. We are definitely sure that your customers are browsing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn right now. 

The data above shows why having Social Studio is essential for your digital marketing team. They can use this tool for social listening from any source and observe trendy topics from your dashboards. 

In our fictional example, we’ll show how the chief marketing officer of Technical Global was able to enhance the marketing strategy. Lori Forum, the CMO, noticed that her digital marketing team wasn’t consistent in their social media posts. Upon looking, she noticed that the content was not relevant, and the engagements were low. 

After she decided to let her company invest in Social Studio, she noticed how her team improved on their digital marketing strategy. Her marketers can now view the content, channel, and progress. They can also draft, schedule, share, analyze, and approve pending all social media posts in just one platform. 

Image from Salesforce

Social Studio has features that observe posts about topics that are relevant to your brand. It provides a multichannel view and tracks every interaction with your customers. 

They can do all their tasks like replying to posts and publishing updates in just one software to finally join customer conversations that are relevant to your brand. 

As a marketer, you deserve a solution that will level-up your marketing campaigns to gain more leads and loyal customers. Your team needs access to one platform that can make them post content and engage with users so that your brand will have more exposure.

Having Social Studio is a convenient marketing tool to boost your quality content. This accelerator pack can help your team enhance engagement and make your company relevant to today’s audience. 

Here in Third Pillar, our team is willing to effectively integrate this marketer’s tool into your business in three weeks. We’ll ensure that you and your team will have a more organized digital marketing experience.  Start you now by checking out the One Page Accelerated Packages Ebook or by chatting with us here