Cloud Services: Why Data Management is so important

data management

As your business grows faster, you’ll start to notice the amount of data piling up your storage. It feels scary and overwhelming to deal with that much collection. Without a proper data management platform, your company will not be secured and most likely experience costly risks. 

A Signal report stated that seven out of ten marketers have gaps in the efficiency of their technology. This is related to making a view of the customer. 

Nowadays, more and more businesses are focusing on data solutions. According to Infogroup’s study, 62% of marketers stated that they are investing in data marketing solutions, while 26% are planning to begin investing within two years. Wow! This definitely shows that data management platforms will be the next big step to make your business turn innovative. 

In our fictional scenario, we will show how Mark, the chief technical officer (CTO) of Technical Global, was able to handle his challenge of dealing with technology gaps. His team dealt with obstacles that negatively affected their data collection and the security of their software.  

So what were the other benefits? 3P is here to teach you how this cloud service helped Mark’s team. 

Avoids losing your company’s data

Losing data will take a toll on your company. A study from the University of Texas stated that 94% of companies that suffered from data loss do not last, while 43% never reopened, and 51% closed in two years. 

You can avoid these catastrophes if you invest in our data management solution. In partnership with Syniti, we offer software that involves automation and artificial intelligence. This system has data migration, data quality, master data management, analytics, and many more. With these aspects in place, you can avoid losing a single data. 

Increases productivity 

Having all of the data in one place will ease the heavy workload by making it easier for you and your employees to find the much-needed information right away. It lets your staff to validate results simply, provides accessible information, and stores reachable data for future reference. 

It helps your business become cost-efficient

Data management software plays a huge role in avoiding unnecessary duplication.  It ensures that your employees will not conduct the same research again or do work that has already been finished.

For example, Mark noticed that the data is scattered everywhere. More and more data kept coming to his employees to the point where it became too disorganized. At one point, his employee accidentally wasted time adding data that is already there. This means more copies and more money spent. 

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Errors in your data can cause catastrophic results. It’s common for businesses to experience issues related to data. According to the Harvard Business Review, three percent of companies’ data reaches simple quality standards. This shows how investing and implementing software that guards your information and operations can save money long-term. 

Plays a huge role in decision-making 

By having a data management system in place, you and other decision-makers will have quick access to the information that influences decisions. Then, your business will address issues and act faster than the organizations that have unstable data management. 

In integrating Syniti’s data management into your business, we ensure clear data governance strategies in collecting, keeping, processing, accessing, and analyzing data. This type of approach will help inform you and other managers regarding the roles, responsibilities, and metrics as a tool for making crucial decisions. . 

Avoids security risks 

There are multiple risks if your data is not managed. If your information lands on the wrong people, your business will be in trouble. Many companies experienced someone hacking their system.

Having stable data management software will reduce these kinds of risks happening to your company. It is only accessible to authorized users that ensures your data is completely secured. It also verifies your identity by providing the requirement of making a password and username. The databases in the software are only visible to exclusive users who use the available data.

Growing data 

More data means that it will be challenging to manage in the long run. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the study predicted that the number of information generated will increase ten-fold by 2025.  

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If you notice that information is growing fast, then you have to consider using data management software. Trust me, this will help both your customers and business hugely because of its secured 360-degree view. 

Finally! You know why data management is a solution for your business. Another reason why it’s a crucial investment is because of the convenience. It automatically backups your data regularly and also restores it to its last saved edit. 

Using data management software like Syniti helps the journey that involves data assessment, data quality, data strategy, data analytics, and many more. It will also help your business’ data become cost-efficient, safe, organized, and accessible to decision-makers. 

Do you want your data organized and protected at all costs? Contact us here, and we’ll let you know how we can integrate this innovative software into your business.

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