Top 10 Benefits of Salesforce CRM

11 Dec 2020

In executing customer relationship management (CRM), you should know that it has a life cycle. This begins with marketing, moves to sales, then goes back to marketing and sales to keep the relationship. 

The roles of CRM are usually sharing files, showing sales, messaging colleagues, integrating emails, and using dashboards. However, Salesforce, the #1 CRM software in the world, goes beyond those features by having a marketing automation and a customer service tool. 

It will help you manage good relationships with your leads and customers by understanding them better. You will learn how to nurture relationships with them and reach their expectations. Want to know the benefits of Salesforce? Read this comprehensive list as we list down 10 benefits of Salesforce’s CRM.

1. Communicate using automation tools 

From saying thank you to distributing surveys, using automation tools will help you avoid giving a delayed response. Through Salesforce Einstein Bots, your service agents can focus more on their difficult tasks while the technology is doing the basic routine of responding to chats on time. 

Integrating this chatbot can change your customer satisfaction by responding on time and connecting with them better. It will help them remember their customer experience whenever they engage with your brand on the website or social media pages.

     Einstein Bots has features that: 

  • Send answers of customers’ inquiries
  • Add answers in FAQs in order to have a certain pattern that serves your future customers
  • An easy-to-use Bot Builder
Image from Salesforce 

2. Utilizing data analytics tools

Use data analytics to understand your customers’ problems and compare the results of your marketing campaigns and sales strategies. It also highlights the part of your website that gets the most traffic, the best selling product, how people can get in touch with your brand, and other daily changes. 

Salesforce has dashboards and a suite of reporting tools that will help you collect information and work on it properly. It also has Einstein Analytics (formerly called Wave), which is a cloud-based platform for connecting data in various sources. It provides insights to users so that they are able to respond to the shifting data right away.

3. Following customer activity 

Before becoming a loyal customer, your leads begin the journey by knowing your brand. This part is crucial for you to know their details and understand their behavior. You have to know how your leads will turn into customers based on their activities. 

On Sales Cloud, you will quickly have access to customer data like their contact details, history, background, and many more. You will get a 360-degree view of all your customers and engage with them according to what they are doing. Use this feature to help you observe your audience’s social content in discovering their insights and issues about your product. You can also review the click rates on your email campaigns to help you understand what works best for your customers.

Image from Salesforce

4. Syncing data from various applications 

Does your business use other types of apps like MailChimp and G Suite? If so, the data from those apps can simply be integrated in Salesforce. Having everything in one space removes the burden of going to a different software.  

This CRM also enhances the customer experience by being portable. You can use the Salesforce Mobile App to keep track of your data anytime and anywhere. It allows you to go through different platforms while adding new data right away. Salesforce is flexible in bringing all your apps and information in one place. 

5.  Assisting customers through chat 

You can still guide your customers, even without seeing them in person. Especially in this pandemic, it is much safer for you to get in touch with them through live assistance. This tool makes interaction simple and positively impacts online customer support. For example, your agents can guide your customers in fixing their forms through chat.

Service Cloud’s Live Agent provides a chat box depending on the interaction of your customers or followers on your web page. Your service team can deliver answers by connecting with the customer profile. The customer’s concern can shift directly to the agent that understands the subject matter. This feature improves customer experiences by letting agents respond quickly. 

Image from Salesforce

6.  Using an omnichannel feature

Another way to be closer to your audience is replying on time. We know the hassle of switching one account to another in order to respond to your followers properly. That’s why Salesforce Service Cloud has an omnichannel feature that helps your brand have a unified approach so your customers will have a consistent experience. 

The omnichannel routing automatically shifts cases and other tasks to the available user. With that, they can stay updated and pay attention to the most prioritized work. The conversations from various channels are pushed straight to the agents. This gives them one place to connect with customers through call, messaging, social media, chat, or email. 

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7. Consistent engagement with current customers

A Harvard Business Review study showed that looking for a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than keeping the current ones. This data showed that having loyal customers will be more profitable in the long run. 

Keeping your customers engaged is not limited to their customer journey. You can still engage with them even after the sale has been made. This could make them inclined to buy from you again.

Use the gathered data in the Salesforce CRM to create personalized marketing campaigns for your followers. When you send them an email, try including their name and use content that is parallel to their interests. If they have been a loyal customer for a long time, you can also send them a personal thank you message for their support or give them a simple gift.

8. View your audience in one place 

In a single dashboard, you can view, organize, and even add customized tags to your contacts. Salesforce Audience Builder lets you divide your subscribers and helps you target your sends better through an enhanced understanding of customer behavior. 

Use all of the information from sources like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and analytics so that you will have an expanded view of the customer. This will make it easier for you to send personalized messages based on their browsing activity and purchasing background. From there, you will know your targeted audiences better. 

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9. You can build apps 

Your customers are probably using their mobile phones right now. This action shows the importance of developing an app for your business. Your products will be accessible and the team will avoid miscommunication with the customers. It will also help your business increase sales and improve brand image. simplifies developing and executing apps and websites. As part of the App Cloud, lets your business focus on building apps and customizing it with clicks and then launches them right away to any device. This development platform removes the hassle of using complex infrastructure in making an app. 

10.  Gather insights to understand your business better

Gaining awareness about your audience helps you understand what needs to be improved. Salesforce’s CRM lets you check your data and lets you know how your current customers interact with your business. You can use that information to decide if there needs to be any changes with your service or product.

Marketing Cloud Insights makes it simple for your team to do this. In this feature, it guides you in understanding the most essential social media posts and analyzing your customers’ behavior. This helps you know the background of your audience, detect current trends, and know what is changing in the engagements. Understanding your customers is equivalent to knowing your business better. 

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Having a CRM is crucial for your business. You and your team will realize how cost-effective and efficient it is to have all of your documents and data in just one platform. The benefits mentioned above shows how everything you need is in the software cloud. 

Benefits of Salesforce

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